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Blog Hop! I have known this word when I participated in The Croods movie review from Mumsnet Team. Quite recently, a blogger friend of mine named Tarang Shina tagged me in her post for this creative rendez-vous. Before proceeding further, let me say a few words about Tarang. We met virtually through poetry writing and encouraged each other by reading and commenting on blogs. Tarang has been published in many online magazines and quite recently got published Uff Ye Emotions 2 anthology. Thanks Tarang for your questions,

What am I working on?
Almost all my published writings be it articles or poems have been in English both in online and in print. I have always wanted to publish my debut novel in my mother tongue Tamil. The reason was pretty simple - I wanted all my loved ones back at home to read my first novel and that would be the feat accomplished in what I have worked so far. Though my dad was the first one who introduced me into the habit of reading novels in English, my mom is the one who introduced me to Tamil novels. And soon I had fallen in love with author Ramani Chandran for her Romantic novels. Yes, I do have my Tamil script/story ready but typing them through transliteration is one onerous job which I silently undertook myself and doing it whenever time permits.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I cannot comment on that point of view. For a writer, his/her works are always unique and special in their own ways. And I follow my own way of telling a story the way that I like to read it myself.

Why do I write what I do?
I interpret this question quite differently. And from what I understood from it, I can say that it was because I feel liberated by chiseling my thoughts in this so called blogger platform of mine (or my forthcoming works) which makes me connect to the outside world through a mind to mind conversation. I also write because it just became a part of my life like building this blog from scratch.

How does my writing process work?
My process of writing is "flow". I just write as words flow through my mind. I talk my mind into writing something and it always delivers it promptly. Sometimes, I also happen to forget the lines if I don't take note of my flow in that particular moment when I get inspired by something. There were even occasions wherein I have heard some beautiful melody or have seen a lovely image in my dreams and when I'm awake I feel devastated of not able to recreate what I witnessed in my dreams. How I wished I had a dream recorder!

I would like to invite three authors to join this creative rendezvous,

1- Ganga Bharani 

I have known Ganga Bharani for a year now. She is an active, creative woman who blogs at GB Land and is a good friend of mine. She is also author of many eBooks published in Amazon and is now a published author of "Just You, Me and a Secret" in print. And believe me, her creative juice does not stop with writing. She is passionate about doing Stop Motion videos and has written script for a short film called "Bhimbam".

2- Sanhita Baruah

I have known Sanhita Baruah as a poet for long.  She works as a software engineer and blogs at Pens and Pages where she writes amazing poetry and fictions. She is also a published author of Kaleidoscope by Parlance Publishers and Uff Ye Emotions by Mahaveer publishers.

3-Vikram Karve

Vikram sir is a wonderful author cum blogger who I admire a lot. I  like to read his short stories because of his simplicity and details in his writings. The dialogues in his writings is always straight and most of his stories are snippets from a real life. He is a retired Naval Officer, now turned full time writer and blogs at Vikram Karve Journal. He has published two books - Cocktail a collection of fiction short stories about relationships and Appetitie for a stroll a book of Foodie Adventures.

Do make sure you visit their blogs to read what they have posted to the above questions as they continue to with this Author Blog Hop!


  1. Enjoyed reading your wise answers!

    Good to know your author friends.They have really nice blogs:)

    I wish you all the very best for your future projects:)

  2. i have sanhita and GB blog .. indeed GB is such an awesome writer .. it's always great to know why different people writes !

  3. Hey Uma, awesome to know more bout you and your writing.I've been struggling with writing a novel for over a year and hope I get to start. It's a pleasure reading bout you and how you became a passionate writer:)


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