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Books are friends for life and it is very much true when you start introducing books to your little one even before they are born. Yes, researches say that your baby can hear what you speak or read to them just as you enter your 3rd trimester of  pregnancy. Okay, now keeping aside those pregnancy periods and moving forward to the stage where your baby has turned into one awesome toddler, let me introduce you to some great toddler books that I have come across and that which would entertain your toddler.

The below are some top 10 toddler books that you should start collecting for your little ones as books play an important part in a child’s education. And so the list goes as, 

Spotted Yellow Frogs by Matthew Van Fleet

top toddler books
Spotted Yellow Frog for Toddlers
Spotted Yellow Frogs is a wonderful book based on lift-and-peek format and makes learning pure fun. What I liked about this book is that your toddler child will be introduced to colours, patterns and animals in a well formed distinctive format. Every page is highly visual and is very engaging to your toddler child. The flips in each page which forms a patterned shape opens up into a similarly patterned animals triggering the creative sense in your child. 

  • Helps to take the first step towards reading as they begin to associate pictures with words.
  • Pleasing, colourful and patterned visuals
  • Introduces your child to colours, shapes, patterns and animals including its eight fold-out spreads.
  • Makes your child to understand about 3D shapes in an engaging format.

First Picture Word Book for Toddlers

top toddler books
First Picture Word Book for Toddlers
First Picture Word Book for Toddlers is exactly as the name says.You can find lots of common words along with images. This book makes your child's first dictionary.

  • Board book with words associated with pictures
  • Clear and crisp image makes a colourful read
  • Introduces parts of body, relations, home, foods, seasons, animals, vehicles, colours and even numbers making it as an all-in-one toddler dictionary

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

top toddler books
Each Peach Pear Plum for Toddlers
Each Peach Pear Plum is another lovely book which contains rhymed verses and invites you to an interactive children's "I Spy" classic game. The rhymed verses on the left side of each page gives a clue for the child to find the hidden image on the right side illustrations. All the rhymes have very well known characters for the kids. Hence the book challenges and engages the children to look out for the character in an appealing way. Even adults like me will fall in love with this book.

  • Interesting and detailed illustrations which visually interact with the children
  • Fun way playing "I spy" games through a book
  • Rhyming format and well known characters makes the book a joy to read.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

top toddler books
The Very Hungry Caterpillar for Toddlers
The Very Hungry Caterpillar book is the most preferred book to teach your toddler about the numbers, days of the week and the time. The story revolves on how a tiny caterpillar passes by leaves and other things, eating its way through different types of food until it transforms into a butterfly. The child also gets introduced to the name of some foods and gets a sneak-peek of the life cycle of a butterfly in an engaging way. The book itself is colorful, has large text and yes, don't forget to the catch the look on your child's face when he sees how the caterpillar suddenly get transformed into a colorful butterfly. The pop-up version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is so well made and can be a wonderful addition to your bookshelf . 

  • Colorful board book with visually appealing images
  • Introduces your child to the numbers, days of the week and time. 
  • Introduces the names of some fruits and foods.
  • The child gets an understanding of the life cycle of a butterfly.

Where's spot and its other releases by Eric Hill

top toddler books
Where's Spot for Toddlers
"Where's spot" is another good book for toddlers which introduces them different words in a story format. This book is one of the Spot's series wherein Spot, the little dog has adventures along with his family and friends. Most of the books are in lift the flap format wherein Spot finds something interesting to keep the story moving. Other books in this series includes Spot Goes to School ,Spot Visits his Grandparents, Spot's First Walk, Spot says please,Spot can count,Spot Goes to Farm, Spot's Baby Sister and Spot Goes on a Holiday.

  • Introduces important words like under, above, etc. in a story format
  • Easy to read and follow sentences with lovely images
  • The lift the flaps in each page engages with the children.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

top toddler books
Dear Zoo for Toddlers
Dear Zoo is a lift-the-flap book wherein the child writes a letter to the zoo requesting a pet. And as the animals arrive one by one hidden under the flaps, the child is encouraged to lift the flap to find the animals either to be too heavy, too naughty etc. until the perfect pet arrives.

  • Lift -the flap book engages the child with the story making it interactive and fun
  • Introduces animals and words like naughty, heavy, etc.
  • The child may understand the nature of each animal and why he can't have them as pets.
  • With great pictures, simple words and interesting theme, it makes a perfect gift for toddlers

Get dressed by Rod Campbell

top toddler books
Buster Gets Dressed for Toddlers
Buster gets dressed is a small board book that introduces your toddler on how buster dresses by starting from his pants till his shoes. This books is a fun way to teach a toddler on how to wear his cloths all by himself.

  • Interesting cut book that helps kids analyse the order of wearing cloths
  • Introduces words for a kid's daily wearings like pants, vests, shirt, socks, etc.

Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy series- 25 Books

top toddler books
Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy for Toddlers
The Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy series are the perfect books for a step by step learning and it is one book that is being given in almost all schools to introduce phonics for beginners. The stories revolves around a family and all the characters are quite appealing to know and read about. Daily lifestyle and the commonly used words are taught in progressive way and is a must have books to help your little one take their first step towards learning to read. Titles in this collection includes Up You Go, Floppy Did This, Get On, Six in a Bed, Biff's Wonder Words , Chip's Letter Sounds, Floppy's Fun Phonics, Kipper's Alphabet I Spy, Dad's Birthday, I Am Kipper, The Snowman, The Red Hen, Cat in a Bag , Such a Fuss, Shops, The Sing Song, The Backpack, Super Dad, Helping Your Child to Read and more.

  • Follows the school reading schemes with each book introducing new words and increases with each level
  • Bold texts, detailed illustrations and straightforward tales makes learning fun a.
  • A perfect book for introducing phonics to pre-schoolers and toddlers
  • Introduces the early concepts that will form the basis of their reading and writing skills.
  • Encourages children to learn and practise phonic skills by blending letter sounds to make words
  • Phonics at the start helps you with the sounding and blending of the letters in the story
  • The questions at the back along with word games makes a clear understanding of the story for your child

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

top toddler books
The Gruffalo for Toddlers
The Gruffalo is an award winning big book that every child must read. The story itself is very much interesting, with fantastic illustration and makes a satisfied read. I wonder how well the monster can be described and how much I like those rhymes,

"He has terrible tusks,
and terrible claws,
And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws."

"Silly old ... doesn't he know
There is no such thing as a gruffalo"

Its sequel "The Gruffalo's child" is again a great book with illustrations that are quite catchy and lovely use of language. The story here is that the Gruffalo's child who has grown up with stories told by the Big Bad Mouse, now takes a stroll all alone into the snow following some trails and then into woods to see if the Gruffalo really exists. And yes, you are required to join in the fun.

  • Big book with rhymes and well illustrated pictures
  • The theme of the story is quite appealing to all age groups
  • It can also be included into a play script and role playing game
  • Helps introducing imaginary monsters and make them sound funny.

Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

top toddler books
Peepo by for Toddlers
Peepo is every child's book that will interact with your child as you keep reading the texts. Each page follows the day through the eyes of a little child seeing the everyday chore of his family. What I like in this book is its repetitive rhymes and illustrations that associates with the texts. It also reminds the good old days to the adults and makes the child understand the difference between the old and new way of growing up. 

  • Engages your child with lovely illustrations and rhyming text
  • A day through the eyes of the child is neatly described along with repetitive words
  • Explores new words and life in the olden days


  1. so many nice books .. u do research or have all this ?

    1. I have and read all these books in my home as a part of my collection except for Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy series which I get as a part of the school study scheme for my son :)

  2. Beautiful list, Uma! Thanks for the detailed review!

  3. Books are friends for life and it is very much true when you start introducing books to your little one even before they are born. Yes, researches say that your baby can hear what you speak or read to them

    1. That's fact! And I was advised to read good books, watch good movies and think good when I was pregnant so that my babies would reap benefits which is really filled with positive energies :)

  4. Great post Uma. my kids are also crazy about books, any books. I have to read them at least for half an hour before nap time and bed time. Hungry caterpillar is Aryaa's fav, he tells the story to everyone back in India on the phone. I try to get as much classics as I can for the little ones, like The little Engine that could; The Velveteen Rabbit etc. :)

    1. Yes, there are lots of wonderful books and the above books are some of my favorites which I myself really enjoyed teaching my kids ....reading them makes me fall in love with books once again :)


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