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For most of us, a role model is someone who has touched us by their works and their life at some point in our life. It is from them we have learnt and been inspired to live a life we are living today. I'm no different. I too have role models, many of  whose good qualities brushed upon me teaching values of living life. If I have to name some who I have watched closely, understood and in fact developed some kind of respect, then without doubt they are my parents, with each contributing so much to my life. Although the above line may seem clichéd, the fact that it being true and straight from heart cannot be ignored. One man who I list at the top for being a role model is my dad for his hard-work, dedication and the way he treats all people. Being a son of the Chevalier "Virappin Waradarassou", my dad no doubt is someone who values achievements big and small. He had been the backbone of my writing ability. I have been close to him learning a lot from my dad. He had been a role model of how I see a man and what I would see in my man.

Recalling my childhood days, I have seen my dad as a great entertainer in telling stories, keeping my mind occupied with imagining the characters and sinking myself into another world as he described them with locations making eerie noises to suit his story. He was creative in approaching us ( me and my siblings) and even tricked us saying that he knows magic. How gullible I was believing in his tricks then! But after all my dad wanted to keep his little ones entertained by doing all such stuffs. Those were such wonderful days which I still cherish in every bit of my cell although times have changed a lot by now.

Apart from being a great entertainer, he was a proficient teacher, constant motivator and a compassionate man - the actions that spoke louder teaching me some important values of life.

Bibliophile: I have been amazed by my dad love for books that he went to an extent to build his own library of books in a room. He always have the habit of collecting second hand books from book stores on the MG street and travelling with him, I began to feel curious about books. He spends lavishly on books for he believed books are investments. He had taken me to public library sitting for hours, book fairs in my city and even made me a member of a private library. My dad instilled his love of books inside me. I was not a book worm but being around him, I started to develop a kind of fondness for books. Being so drawn into his books, he knows in and out of many things. My relatives used to call my dad a doctor, for he prescribes the right treatment for many ailments. He was the first person to whom we trust our health with. I have also seen my dad as a passionate teacher. His love for his students knew no bounds that he has spent sleepless night writing thesis or research articles for them. He was a man more bonded with books than his family.
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Motivator: I don't know how else to term him since he had been such a motivator in my life for my education as well as for my other activities. The first time I learnt my scooter, he was riding behind me and helping me learn from scratch. Although he sleeps late at night due to his work load, he used to get up early morning just for teaching me how to drive by taking me to the airport road in my city everyday. He did not stop with it, he pushed me to learn car driving, which is something not done in our family circles. We used to drive far, and whenever I am down asking him why I needed to learn car in spite of knowing how to drive my scooter, he used to tell me that girls should learn every skill. He believed that a good education and life skills will protect his little girl in every way. The "believing in oneself" attitude is what I developed in this process.
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Epitome of compassion: Yes, I am proud to say that my dad was a compassionate person. Though an introvert, I have never seen my dad say no for someone asking help from him - be it someone who works in his college or his students knocking at our door at odd time regarding thesis works, he was always available. He respects and devoted to his work that he does the best he can. He even excepts the same from his children and I being one of them had been moulded under his shadow on how to value timings and work. One incident that still lingers in my mind is how much he is sympathetic to poor children. While driving on his bike, he stopped about 100 feet towards our home seeing a mechanic's 11 year old son walking alone on the road. He asked him where he was going to which he replied he was walking his way home which is about half a mile away. My dad then asked him why he was walking such a long distance without his father to which the little boy had no answers. Finally, my dad asked whether I can walk home which is much nearer so that he can help the little boy. Surprised by my dad's warmheartedness, I agreed and soon they rode of. My dad who believed in good education also took free tuition for the poor when his health was good and he also gave away our old school books to the needy. And no doubt, I have learnt how much a person's feeling should be valued and respected through my dad.
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I have learnt so much from my dad and he was the one who made me bond with books. My writings surrounds what I learnt throughout my life and help shaped the way I am now. Somewhere down the line, I remember my dad telling me to achieve something great in life. I don't know how much I have reached the path to achieve the same but it remains a constant trigger for me, of what exactly I would be making out with my life. And for instilling this desire, my dad will always be my role model. Through him, I learnt the attitude to get up and move forward every time I fall down.  I started believing that every hard work however small it is will surely reap its benefit when the right time comes.

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  1. Very nice to see your great admiration, respect and love for your father. Every line, every sentence reflects your admiration. Great to have such beautiful relationship.

    1. True ! I respect your views on my post :)

  2. A touching post Uma..nice to know about your Dad....

  3. How nice of your Dad! How nice of his daughter! Best wishes for the contest!

    The Arts & Me

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

  5. Awesome post, thanks for sharing this post..

  6. He is indeed a perfect role model for any daughter. Good luck, Uma. :)

  7. beautful write up on your father Uma..Indeed he was a wonderful role model..LOved ur post.


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