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Internet has brought every information around the world so close and just in minutes. But,there are about half a million people in India who does not use or depend upon Internet but almost many of them have access through mobile phones. So, a new app called txtWeb was born just to bring Internet services to mobile phone through SMS. It is the world's largest app store from Intuit Inc. for online messaging service which works across all messaging platforms. In simple words txtWeb is nothing but Mobile Internet via SMS.

You can access txtWeb both online with data edge/3G/WiFi as well as offline via SMS. Being a part of cloud based services, txtWeb gives up-to-date services and information about anything like current information, stock updates, travel information, entertainment and even cricket scores, all of which can be accessed using keywords and txtWeb number 51115. It also serves as platform for mobile app developers letting you to develop your new service on txtWeb and letting you to earn money by text message marketing.

Online Messaging Service
Online Messaging Service
My recent winning post titled "Three reasons why I cheer for Team Chennai" written for cheering Cricket and Team Chennai was motivated by txtWeb. And taking one step further other than just being a cheerer, here are some details on how Cricket can be accessed on the move even without Internet connection. This means that accessing cricket news on mobile became a boon to about roughly 800 Million people (who were deprived of internet connection due to various reasons) through txtWeb. It brings millions of Indian users the joy of the Internet on SMS with a great suite of cricketing apps. All you need is to use the below keywords and SMS to 51115 [Valid on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea & Tata. Upto Re 1/SMS].

Popular ones include :

@cri: Get Cricket scores on SMS
@Highlights: Catch up on Cricket action
@four: The Ultimate Cricket Quiz
@cricketer: Know anything about your favorite cricketers 
@superover: Play Cricket on your mobile and become a cricketing star
@crinews: Latest cricket news

New sets include :

txtWeb texting service
txtWeb Online Texting Service
Now using the above sets, you can use txtWeb Cricket App to access cricket news anywhere anytime!


  1. this will be of sure help for those who are not aware of it !


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