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For teaching kids in home, I prefer to tutor my kids than sending them to tuition at this primary school age. I had to depend upon online educational websites for kids and available free tutorials to teach since my kids don't carry any specific textbooks with them. Also I have seen that their educational requirement is vast and expanding with their age. Having had an opportunity to try different websites, I had ticked about ten interesting online educational websites for students and pre-schoolers which we will be seeing one by one in the coming days. Right now, I am starting with K5 learning as I am currently using their 6 weeks free program for writing an honest review.

For a first time user, K5 can be a quite confusing on how to use it. I too had some difficulty until I learnt how to use it. And when I was quite confident of using the website, I found that no other website has such vast coverage of topics with both English and Mathematics with interactive sessions and curriculum based worksheets. But if you happen to read this post, then you don't need to worry about what I said as I will be briefing out my experience as well as on how to use the website from a parent and child point of view.

K5 Learning (Sign Up for a Free Trial) has two logins that brings us to two dashboards - one for the child and the other for the parent.

Parent's Dashboard

K5 learning
Educational Websites for Kids
Under the Assign Reading and Math Lessons (image below), you can assign or remove the lessons targeting your children's needs. I felt that this is so wonderful. Whether or not I am with Cherry, I can view the reports and see how she has performed. And accordingly I can assign some lessons and remove the ones I am sure that Cherry is confident in.
educational websites for kids

Cherry's Dashboard

Cherry's dashboard, on the other hand has been designed simple and is targeted for her specific needs as well as individual learning. She has  three options to choose from under her dashboard,

  • Reading & Maths - this is where the children will receive their assigned lessons (that you have done using the parents dashboard). Also this space will hold your requested assessments for the kids.
  • Math Facts - displays the Maths facts with interactive sessions. It is a kind of drill sessions that your child will be exposed to in order to improve them in mental maths.
  • Spelling - is targeted for improving English vocabulary and spellings 

Cherry found the Maths facts interesting especially with interactive sessions. An online tutor teaching and guiding the children served as a great help for me when I was busy working and attending other works. I can view the report of my child's progress through the parent dashboard and then decide on the subjects that she needs to work on or improve more. One example from Cherry's dashboard has been given below,

educational websites for kids
Educational Websites for Kids
In the above image, you can clearly see how Cherry's dashboard has been divided into three sections and the way the topics are covered through continuous drill. The teaching methods are focused and will make the child to workout on her own. I don't need to worry if Cherry gets wrong. Her online tutor made sure to point out her mistake by telling her how to work out the problem in the right way and that's what I needed as a parent.

Everything in K5 learning is structured and organised on a child's individual performance and needs. The only problem is making the child use the website and do what exactly K5 and I was looking for - FOCUS! And this not only happens with websites for children, it happens in normal school teachings as well as in home learning too. So, it is advised by K5 to let children to be exposed 20 to 30 minutes tutoring daily. Mark my words - daily! This will perhaps yield the targeted results.

Maths and English Worksheets

Also as a parent, I really loved the amounts of worksheet that K5 learning holds. If you have a printer, then you don't need to search anywhere for worksheets for both English and Maths from Grade 1 to Grade 5. I also loved the cursive writing worksheets as well as flash cards which would be a great asset for teaching the pre-schoolers and kinder-garden.

educational websites for kids
Educational Websites for Kids
The worksheets are a great plus for me in using the K5 learnings. The lessons increases as the Grade of the child increases as you can see in the above image. Also, the English worksheets stress upon Grammar, Phonics and Comprehension.

You can request an assessment to check your child's knowledge prior to using the website as well as request in change in level using the Assessments/Change Levels in case you need to by submitting a request form in the website. Moreover if you have two or more children, you can enroll them as well in this learning program under the parent's dashboard according to the child's specific needs. Overall, this website is really good for encouraging individual works in kids.

TRY K5 Learning Once

I am currently using the K5 learning and found it quite helpful esp. after their schools and during their holidays. In case you want to try K5 learning to decide on how it works for you and your child, you can use their trial version by signing up by clicking the image below which gives you 14-day access to their full program along with a free assessment of your child.

free online assessments for kids

There is no credit card or any other requirements for trying their trial version. You can also download and use their free resources of printable Math and English worksheet and tell me what you think about it. Also if you have decided to continue beyond the trail period, their subscription cost is $25/month for the first child and $15/month for additional child.

Have you ever used K5 learning or any other online educational website for your kids? Do share your experiences below.

Disclosure: I was given free usage of this program using for writing an honest review.


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