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Being a mother brings in a great responsibility and load of amazing choices to make for yourself and your little ones. No joy is greater than dressing your baby with beautiful outfits and buying things that you feel is the best for your child. With lots of options available on almost all online stores for your baby, there is one website that fully attends to the needs of a mom and her baby through the eyes of a mother. Being named as MyBabyCart, it has all that a parent will look for her baby from diapers to nursing, prams to walkers, clothes to toys and more. And all these products are designed or carefully selected and curated by mothers from various places through baby store. In simple terms, my baby cart displays and sells items handpicked by mompreneurs who have first hand experience on what a mom needs for her children. Apart from offering products from about fifty mompreneurs, it also offers discounts and sale in almost every category possible adding to its growing popularity.

Baby Clothes and Accessories

baby clothes
Baby Clothes and Accessories
Every Mother looks for quality, colourful and bright clothes for her baby and mybabycart seems to achieve all these expectations. It has all the necessary items that normally fills in the baby shopping list as many of these products are recommended by mommies, so called mompreneurs themselves. Hand sewn and gorgeous headbands, printed booties, anti skid socks, crochet shoes, organic to premium rompers and bodysuits are some of the notable things for your baby's tender skin. 

One interesting observation is that I found few eBay items which are not found in Indian eBay and takes months in shipping if purchased outside is easily available in mybabycart website and sold at a reasonable price. One notable item is Animal Printed Diaper Leggings which is an imported item.

Indian Traditional Clothes for Kids

Indian Traditional Clothes for Kids
Indian Traditional Clothes for Kids
Many times as a mother, I have hunted down shops for ethnic wears for my little ones during any wedding or engagement functions. And only few offline shops do sport what I was looking for while online shops are like taking chances. But mybabycart website did not disappoint me. I found almost all varieties of kids ready-made traditional wears from Lehenga, Sarees, Half-Saree, Nauvari to Gagra-Choli for girls and for boys, Dhotikurta, Sherwani to Pathani Suit with Jacket & Brijis.

The products are crafted in taste, many of which are embellished with beads, stones and hangings and also embroided with care. This is a great plus in mybabycart since not many websites do have all these collections at one place. Also being available for almost all age groups with their bright colours at an affordable price range staring from Rs. 500, this sections of the website should be saved in your browser for future references.

Clothes for all Occasions

online kids shop
Clothes for all Occasions
The website not only boasts about its abundant traditional wears but also clothes big and small for all occasions. The gorgeous red rosette dress, will surely make any parent drool over its bright and fancy look. I also liked the boys's waist coat and blazers - they look clean stitched with perfect blend of colors. The dresses available in the site are both hand stitched and computer designed. They consists of different patterns ranging from polka dots to flower designed, from stripes to animal printed and more. Do keep an eye on the imported stretch netted gown with net along with hand gloves and hairband named as doll white gown for that perfect princess look. A lot of mommy experiments can be seen in many of the products available in the website both in colours and design.

Apart from clothes, lots of baby and kids accessories are available and you are spoiled for choices. Most of the accessories are made of fabrics which is typically one size and fits all due to the natural stretch of the fabric which is quite soft and comfortable to wear. Almost all clothes that are sold targets children aged 0 - 8 Years and the fashion statement just increases as more mompreneurs join together to showcase their talent as well as make money through MyBabyCart website.

Toys for all ages

Toys for boys and girls
Well, mybabycart is again on chart for popular branded toys which includes Fisher Price, Disney, Leapfrog, Funskool, PlayGo, Mitashi, Hexbugs, HotWheels and more. Toys range from Rs.200 to Rs.5000 and contains lots of imported items. I especially liked their variety of musical mats which ranges from Piano to Drum sets. Also, as most of these toys are branded we can expect higher quality and long life from these toys unless our little ones are too adventurous tossing them around like balls .

Birthday Party Supplies

party themes
Birthday Party Themes
Birthdays for kids has become an important celebration every year. Every parents are expected to shell out some money for arranging the right kiddy birthday party. And the "right" depends upon the gender of the child and the birthday party theme. I often choose the barbie , princess or the hello kitty theme for my daughter whereas for my son it has to be the pirate, spider-man, jungle or more precisely chota bheem - the new fascination among kids.

The birthday party supplies almost everything that you need to make your party smooth and trendy. It comes in combo sets in sets of 10 each as well as in individuals. You can find invitation cards, eye- masks, balloons,hats wrist bands ,paper plates, cups and more for making your kids birthday party going at its best.

Well, I haven't finished yet and writing about every product will sure take me more than this single post. Apart from what I have written above, a lot of products are also available for pregnant moms, nursery, diapering and feedings. I have selected few notable items (see below) that I felt should need to be mentioned as I myself once looked for when I had my children.

Electric Baby Cradle Swing Driver

Electric Baby Swing
Electric Baby Cradle Swing for Beds and Cots
How many sleepless night did I have rocking my baby's cot! I could never imagine the situation even now and how much I wished if I had some kind of remote which does the job for me. But, mommies believe me, you don't need to worry about it any more. I found this electric baby swing bed driver suitable for rocking beds and cots while browsing mybabycart website. It is a real boon for active babies at night time who tires to fall asleep at odd times. The beauty of this electric swing cradle driver is that it comes with an adjustable swing, 12 different music player, customisbale voice and timings to set for rocking. Priced at Rs.1850, it is a great buy and a needed one for every new moms.

Nursing Cover and Feeding Bra

Breastfeeding mama, unless you are feeding inside the four walls of your home there comes a time when you need to nurse your baby in public. And I know how delicate the situation is when your baby cries in hunger while you are travelling, shopping or waiting in queue for your pediatric visit.
nursing cover
Nursing Cover and Feeding Bra
With the new nursing cover , you don't need to be nervous about showing too much skin either in public or even among your relatives or friends. I really liked the patterns and design of the nursing cover used for the breastfeeding. No more worries feeding babies in public.

Another notable product is the feeding bra which is carefully designed to give maximum comfort when feeding the baby both at home as well in public. The nursing bras makes feeding easier and comfortable with its drop clips. It is a must buy bra for all new moms and moms to be.

Wrap style baby carrier

wrap baby carrier
Wrap Baby Carrier
A wrap-around baby carrier, also known as a 'wrap' is a long piece of fabric which can be wrapped and tied in various ways to provide a secure and comfortable carrying position for any age of baby. I especially liked the simplicity of design and the comfort it provides for both the baby and the mother. As per the design, it is said that using the baby wrap carrier you can carry your child from birth through the toddler years in a variety of carrying positions like on the front, hip or back.

Once the fabric is set in position, you can lift the baby in and out with ease without having to re-tie it every time. It is machine washable and even heavy babies can be carried comfortably for hours due to even distribution of weight across the torso of the carrier and onto the hips. The quality of fabric is soft and thick providing secure attachment and greater mobility for the moms. 

Overall, is a one stop shopping plaza for all moms from the convenience of your home. And the growth of the website keeps increasing with more momprenurs joining and adding more interesting and unique items everyday. Have you ever shopped at Share your experiences in the comments below.


  1. Wow! All in one for kids and moms :) Very much informative post Uma... Thanks a lot :) TC! Keep smiling :)

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  2. An all-in-one site for babies..nice to know about it...

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