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I am a tech savvy mom and belonging to Generation Y, witnessing a complete transformation of technology from tape recorders to DVD discs, bulky TVs to LCD smart TVs, pay phones to mobile phones and wired to everything wireless now, I learnt something about technology. The curious Gemini in me keeps updating with the happenings of technical advancement in Internet. The first time I used chat was through Rediff during my colleague, it was like experimenting in a new world. Time passed by and spending a great amount of time using Internet, I thought I can handle the technology better until my daughter started to mentor me. [ For contest details see below the post ]

It all started with my e-ink Kindle reader which I gifted her. I was no fan of kindle, as I thought it had very little functions compared to high end tablets. And typing in kindle killed my patience. My daughter, the complete wireless generation proved me that I was wrong. She was using the Kindle professionally. She not only used it to download and read eBooks from Amazon but used to Google search her favourite books and used it for reading websites. I was surprised since I never had a thought of using a e-ink kindle for a Google search. She even taught me how to use Google search to find her favourite Disney Frozen book to download and read. Also, she was patient enough or say she loved typing every single letter on it and googling topics she needs. She proudly told me how easy was it to type using her kindle.

The above is just one incident and there were times that was left speechless seeing my children knowledge in technology. Though I proudly presented myself as a tech savvy mom in the start of the post, the situation now is like "Am I?" in-front of my kids.

Today, children are growing up surrounded by technology that enables them to consume information & perform tasks in a manner vastly different from the children of yesteryear.

“40 percent parents learn how to use technology from kids.”

And the contest mentioned in the title is about these wireless generation who have in fact connected with apps, games, e-learning and more, far beyond their own mentors like their parents and teachers. As a college student, there was a time when I helped my parents to use a personal computer. But today, my own kids teach me how to handle games in tablets, how to use Internet for learning and more.
technology for kids
Kids and Technology
The above image is drawn by my children Cherry and Berry. Cherry drew a lunch box (left image) and told me that it was an "Automatic lunchbox" which gives her food, water and tissues at the press of the buttons. The box can be installed in schools it seems ( *mommy smiles). Berry (right image) on the other hand drew an "All-in-one Robot" which is stacked with tablets, mobiles and everything technology. 

Well, while at their age I never had thought that robots could ever exists but the wireless generation kids seems to be seeing robots in everything. Everything Automatic and Robotic!


online contests
Wireless Generation Contest
Momscribe along with HP conducts #WirelessGeneration contest where you can win  one of six gift vouchers worth Rs.500 each through Momscribe and two  HP Ink Advantage Deskjet 2545 All-in-one Printer by sharing through social networks.

How to participate in this contest 

  1. Share your experiences (as comments below) about your kids using technology along with a drawing by your child to the email id  to win movie vouchers each worth Rs.500.
  2. Share the SAME (both comment and drawing) in Face Book or Twitter using the hashtags #WirelessGeneration and #momscribe to @HPIndia on their Facebook (or) Twitter pages to WIN  HP Ink Advantage Deskjet 2545 All-in-one Wireless Printer for your child.

Note: The drawing should be something related to technology - Inspiration here

The above contest is been sponsored by HP INDIA and runs until midnight 18 June 2014.


  1. Fantastic creations by your children Uma! They are very creative! I will definitely share this post... I hope some of my friends' participation!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you Sindhu! Sure your friends will have a prompt to work out with their kid and also have a chance to win awesome prizes :)

  2. Now a days kids are very brilliant at handling gadgets. My daughter (19 months) choose her fav rhymes in kindle and skip the Ads by herself. I was shocked who taught all this to her!! She proved tat she is Wireless Generation kid :)
    Both drawings are very creative.. Kudos to cherry and Berry :) Its a Good contest, Sure ll share this to my surroundings ..

    1. haha..very true bhawya ! While we learnt technology , kids nowadays are growing along with them :) Yes, do share and also participate yourself :)

  3. I really used to think in the same way Uma , that I'm a tech savvy mom and all...and used to boast about proved it to me that I was actually living in a glasshouse of misconception !

    And your kids have done the drawings in a super creative way... love and blessings to them... :-)

    1. Really! ah..Mani, you just wait and your time comes too :D ..your kid will surely surpass you in e-learnings and techie stuffs but after all it is a proud moment for all Moms :)

  4. I have commented this before- Your kids are creative thanks to you :)
    Great ideas. Yes, even I believe my kid is more tech-savvy than I am as she teaches me 'how to' use :)

  5. have to agree with you .. my niece is just 4yr old and she plays angry bird much better than me .. and knows how to unlock my tab and where to look for it .. she handles it pretty well !

  6. I sometimes learn how to operate electronics from my teenaged niece !

  7. Cute drawings Uma...what you have said is very true, my son already knows his way through all our phones and ipad...pretty soon I am going to ask him for help :)

  8. Your kids drawings are super cute and awesome cool.... Love and blessings to them Uma ... and yes I agree with you regarding the tech-savvy thing :)


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