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Hola! Buenos días
Cómo estás?
Estoy bien gracias 

For those who are wondering what the above means, the answers are right below the post including a giveaway for one random person to try Speekee for three months. But before that, do read the full post for it introduces you to a different and a best way to learn Spanish language for kids.

Introducing a new language to a child plays an important role in early childhood education with its own benefits. It helps in their intellectual development, opens their learning to different cultures, improves their listening skills, helps when they travel to new places and meet new peoples, make them understand their own native language and also adds as an asset in their resume for their future jobs . Being aware of its advantage, I try to introduce my kids to new languages whenever I get time. Now that Summer holidays has began, I tried to utilise some time in making Cherry and Berry learn a new language along with their native Tamil language. French has been always in my list since I can provide them the right help to their learning of this new language. But, now that I have a chance to try Speekee for kids, a Spanish learning program that targets kids aged 2 to 10 years of age, I planned to start exposing them to basics of Spanish first rather than French.
spanish for beginners
¿Cómo te llama? Me llamo Speekee
(What is your name? My name is Speekee)

What is Speekee?

Speekee is a specialized program which teaches children Spanish language with the use of videos with real Spanish speaking children, puppets, incredible locations to explore, fun online games, flashcards and worksheets. It has two plans: the basic plan which is free having access to limited set of videos and the other is paid subscription giving access to nearly 40 videos and all other resources of Speekee.

At first, I found Speekee a little confusing with just videos straight as you enter their website after creating a login and the video track was like Greek and Latin to the ears. Slowly, I discovered that Speekee has two divisions namely Speekee Fast Track- perfect for young learners ( for children up to 7 years old) and the Speekee Spanish Challenge for older learners (for children 7 years and older). These divisions are clearly organised plans and in case you are starting early, start with the Speekee Fastrack which is a 40 week plan for children which focuses on the first ten episodes in the Speekee series. And every week, the children are suggested activities with corresponding video clips, worksheets and other downloadables.

Working along with Cherry and Berry:

Cherry loved learning a new language as she has always wondered when people from different cultures speaks their own native language in her school. Berry too was interested like his sister. Now that you have known what exactly Speekee is for, I am going to take to our first week's journey where you can get a basic idea of how this Speekee program turned out for us.

Starting with Speekee Fast Track's 40 week plan.

Before starting with day 1, I made sure that I had the flashcards printed and ready for them so that the children can get those 4 to 5 Spanish words registered on their mind. Also, in every video these particular sets of words from flashcards gets repeated so that the children can get the sounds and the place where to use them right. All these ideas on how to carry out teaching to the kids were clearly mentioned in the Speekee's week by week guide. Also, the idea of kids using  puppet Speekee, sock puppets Dino and Lupi converse in Spanish is a great way of making kids interested in the subject. I also need to mention about Jim and the Spanish kids for making the videos great to watch.

spanish for beginners

Each week, Cherry concentrated on a particular set of words through activity based learning. And in two weeks, Cherry was introduced to some basic Spanish words like "Hola", "Muy bien","Me gusta" and "Adios" meaning "Hello","Very well, "I like" and "Bye Bye" including numbers 1-5 and greetings. The whole journey was smooth with videos, fun activities, puppet play and songs. Also it is recommended that children don't need to get every Spanish words in the video right but all they need to concentrate is the repeated words including that's given in flashcards and worksheets. 

So, following these patterns into our two weeks Speekee journey, Cherry learnt some basic Spanish words as well as thoroughly enjoyed Speekee way of learning a new language. Moreover, the songs made the learning enjoyable. Every songs in the video have a pleasant music and are very addicting. I can hear it all day long and in fact, Cherry started to sing few songs along with the Spanish kids in the video. One song that keeps ringing in my ear is "Habla espanol, Habla espanol" song. 

My only concern with this program was whenever I switch from week 1 to other areas in the website using right click "open in a new window", I had to login every time. Otherwise, this program should be appreciated for its new, interesting and unique way of teaching kids a new language. The website is quick in loading, with quality videos and a tab which has a features like "Shout" to say out selected Spanish words from the list for learning the way it sounds.

Overall, Speekee is one of the best program I have used for teaching and learning a new language. This unique approach helps learn Spanish fast for kids. As much as my kids have learnt Spanish , I too have some basic understanding of Spanish language. It is quite easy to follow and learn. Speekee is no doubt the best way to learn Spanish as it utilises the visual  the play way engaging in visual, representational, and auditory teaching of Spanish language for kids.

Below is one activity done by my dear kids based on Speekee,

my kids momscribe
Cherry shows a happy face - Muy bein
Berry shows that he is not happy - No muy bein
Mira! Yo hablo un poco español (Look! I can speak Spanish a little)

Hola! Buenos días (Hello! Good Morning)
Cómo estás? (How are you ?)
Estoy bien gracias (I'm fine thank you)
Muy Bein -(Very well)
Adiós (Bye bye)

Note:  One winner from the comments below will be selected randomly and then will be given a chance to use full package of Speekee for a period of three months. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. seems so interesting ! actually i too signed up.. to see how it works for me :D

    1. That's superb! I'm sure you will love it :)

  2. Thanks Uma..... I will love to introduce my kids to a new language but the time slot of daily life is leaving me huffed and puffed! Tons of thanks for introducing me to speekee ... I'll try and let's see what results I got :)
    An informative and lucid post... Your kids are really sweet :) wishes to them..

    1. Thank you Kokila! I can relate to what you say. I too have time constrain but now being summer holiday, I try making best use of it (yes, I said trying). Also, along with kids we parents too get to learn something new...hope you have a great time with speekee :)

  3. Anonymous23 July, 2014

    Lovely method of teaching ! I wish we had such kits for Indian languages as well. Struggling with Kannada now - to teach myself and then my child.. Sigh..

    1. Yes, all it requires someone to take the initiative of teaching our regional languages esp. just like Speekee, someone with an ample of time and interest. All the best in your Kannada endeavour !

  4. This is pretty interesting & useful, Uma... of course, for those who wish to learn Spanish :)
    Good that while teaching your kids, you too will learn :)

  5. Anonymous23 July, 2014

    Pretty infiormative...

  6. Esto es muy útil. Gracias por compartir. :)

    1. Fantástico Bhawya!
      Tú eres a gran estudiante :)

  7. So, is Speekee mainly vocabulary, or does it help teach things like stem changing verbs and such?

    1. Hi Gale, sorry for my late response. Speekee as far as I am learning it is mainly vocabulary.

  8. Learning an entirely new language is an amazing experience! As you said, culture is associated with language and best is that we can know the cultural differences... Hope to learn through Speekee one day :)

  9. Hi Uma, Thank you so much for this excellent review of Speekee, of which I am co founder. I love the image of your kids with their happy and sad faces! We are going to take a look at those failings about the product which you mention in the review. Happy summer to you and the kids! Jim

    1. Hi Jim,
      Yes, fixing that one negative will sure help learners like us. And its been my pleasure to try Speekee and blog about it as well. Thanks for dropping by :)

  10. I have been dying to learn a new language since ages now. With hardly any time at hand because of this hectic life, I think trying something like this shouldnt be a bad idea :)

    1. Yes, Jyotsna trying something new is always a good idea...just try Speekee and tell me how you feel :)


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