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Travelling has always been in my interest. I am more in awe of different places, cultures and foods. And hence take every opportunity to travel to different locations when had a chance to relax both my mind and my soul. And only travelers can know what I mean by soul. Yes, travelling is a "soul experience" and visiting sacred or historical places, you seem to  attract the positive vibes around the places. And for this reason, Bangkok has always been in my travelling list. And the below places are some interesting places that I have already been saving in my notes hoping that someday this magical journey would come true. 


Top 10 Places that I have planned to visit in Bangkok
top locations in bangkok thailand
I have chosen what I wanted to see but planning a travel is more difficult than it sounds. With almost hundred of travel websites around offering discounts and cheap flights, it becomes highly impossible tasks to sort out and to find the details that I need. But like a life saver comes Skyscanner, accumulating and pulling out all information that I might need to book my dream travel.

Soon my magical journey started with SKYSCANNER,

My Budget - Rs.1,00,000 ( as per Skyscanner's proposal for planning my dream trip)

So, with the available money at hand, I am going to start with my Flight and Travel bookings.


top locations bangkok


Having planned the places to visit, I decided to use skyscanner to scan my flights for to find the cheapest and best available flights. The dates I have entered corresponds to the warm weather in Bangkok so that I can enjoy my stay there.The details that follows are,

From- Chennai International Airport
To - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
(since it is the nearest airport to almost all my top location picks).

The departure and arrival dates falls on mid-December as I have already planned regarding Bangkok's weather. After entering for two return tickets to Bangkok, a click on the search button yielded all the available flights for my trip.

skyscanner review
skyscanner review

skyscanner review

The flight search was fast and the results were displayed in an organised manner. The filters on the left hand side helped me to filter my search. I chose the "Direct Flight" since it saves me the waiting time and I found "Thai Airways" the cheapest for travelling to Bangkok.

I liked how Skyscanner gave me options from different website for that single flight that I choose. To book and confirm the tickets all I need is to click the link that suits best to my needs. I have chosen my tickets from which amounts to Rs.47,038.00 for a couple.


Now, that I have booked my flight tickets for Bangkok, I need to book my hotel for the duration of my stay. Advance booking is sure to save me time, money as well as to let me have a tension free trip. 

Using Skyscanner my hotel bookings were easy as I could transfer my exact dates of travel to search hotels in Bangkok along with fitering options like popularity, ratings, reviews and distance to the centre of the city. 

After having done my search, I found that the hotel "Bussaba Bangkok" to exceed my expectations. Among the dozens of hotels I searched, this hotel had amazing reviews and by looking at the photos, I fell in love with the ambiance of the rooms. So, having filtered my options, I choose this hotel for my stay in Bangkok amounting to Rs.28, 722

skyscanner review

skyscanner review

Clicking on the "View Deal" redirected to another website "Laterooms" through which I am to complete my bookings. Voilà, I saved Rs.5160 through Skyscanner.


Now that I have safely booked my Hotel, it is time to hire a car for to travel in and out of all the locations that I picked up for my sight-seeing. I needed a decent car which will pick me up from the Airport, help me with my sight-seeings and then finally drop me safely back at the airport.

And again, Skyscanner saved me with its "Car Hire" search.

skyscanner review

Having been directed to the, I found that Skyscanner has been updated with all its price that amounted to Rs.16048.44.

The fast and easy filtering and search facility just saved my day.

Total Trip Cost = Rs.47,038 + Rs.28,722 + Rs.14,749.73 = Rs.91,508.73

Just with few clicks, I have planned, booked and organised my whole trip as easy as pie starting from Flight Bookings, Hotel Bookings and Car Rental. Also, even after choosing the best of what I want in my trip, I was still able to save Rs.8,490.27 from the available Rs.1,00,000 by booking through Skyscanner.

And my planning of the whole trip ends here while my magical journey starts ...

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at


  1. That's awesome. All of the planning headache shifted to Skyscanner... :) you just gotta enjoy your dream haven. And Bangkok is a lovely place to visit. Great choice. All the best to you. :)

  2. Wow! Sound amazing for a cool trip! Superb plan! May you win this contest and may your dream come true! TC! Keep smiling :)
    The Arts & Me

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2014

    Great ! I hope you go on your magic trip soon !

  4. Good choices of places.. My wishes for ur Magic trip come soon.. :)

  5. very nice choice of places .. All the best :)

  6. Bangkok is a great destination & you have planned & presented your trip so well, Uma :)
    Best wishes!

  7. well planned trip.. all the best Uma..:)

  8. You have made it easier for others. Now we can read your post and go ahead. Best wishes, Uma.


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