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It was my first dinner date and I had many plans swirling on my head. I checked the list again and my menu was perfectly organised. I had a medium sized table placed right in center of the hallway and covered it with crimson coloured cloth. I also had placed a lotus candle holder in centre of the table which held a bee-wax candle that I painstakingly made for the fragrance it gave out. Yes, I also made sure to tape single roses all over the walls and now I am all set for the door knock.

My adrenaline rushed as soon as I heard his footsteps and I awaited as he slowly opened the door. He crept slowly inside the dim room. His facial expressions conveyed that he was speechless with such invitation back home. The smell of sweetness from the Kesari, the hot spices and the scent that arose from the bee-wax candle added an interesting mix of nostalgic feeling tickling the minute strings on the walls of the nose gave paving way for a deep inhalation of satisfaction every now and then. Slowly, the tables were set and we both sat on either side looking at each other in affection. I mimicked the hotel way of serving food and that's what I had already planned to do so that evening. First, it was the tomato and basil soup topped with granules of bread crumbs piping hot to be served on a Borosil glass bowl. I slightly sprinkled some back pepper and salt over the soup as he looked at me. We sipped slowly and as the soup was in decreasing in volume, I progressed to serve my best cooking - the bright orange coloured Kesari that was gleaming with ghee on a bowl of same calibre. The sweetness of the Kesari was well tackled by the hot spicy vegetable samosa, the right appetiser that would kick start our main meal.

With every smile on my hubby face, I started to serve the rest of the dishes quickly as my mind was working faster pampering my stomach to stay calm until I finished serving my better half. The suspense of how-he- would-react was getting on my nerves and it being my first candle lit dinner fully sponsored by me, I had only one thing running on my mind - the ultimate satisfaction of having a wonderful time. 

The next on table was my hubby's favourite food served hot on a beautiful Bloom - Fidenza Melamine plate from Borosil where the briyani rice, thin and long was looking splendid dressed in yellow seasoning with finely sliced onions and completely microwaved button mushrooms which was cut lengthwise into four equal halves. The spices were mixed very well and the Pudina leaves gave an added flavour to the mushroom briyani. To it, the side dish Raita made with thick white yogurt, finely sliced onion pieces and grated cucumber along with hint of spices and cilantro made a prefect combination looking delicious on a round casserole. The spicy foods along with the scented and decorated room looked exactly like a romantic date. 

Both having tons of sweet tooth, my finale touch was a chocolate cake with fruits and ice cream topping served royally on a Borosil's celebration platter. The inside and out of the cake were beaming brown with chocolate that I added using the Galaxy smooth milk chocolate bars. The top and the sides of the cake were decorated with thinly chopped apples, grapes and strawberries, my hubby's favourite choice of fruits. And for the final touch, it was white and creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream with sliced almonds and cashew bits. "Who else would have though of adding vanilla ice cream in place of an heavy whipping cream for the cake," I thought and looked at him in pride. Yes, we loved when the date ended with a ice cream touch. Finally, the dinner date was wrapped up with serving cool water topped with ice cubes on a fine country glass which slowly opened to do-not-disturb tag on the door knob.

This post is a part of "My Beautiful Food" sponsored by Indiblogger.


  1. Wow ! really a nice experience .

  2. Oh! Lovely! What a creative way to write on the topic. Enjoyed the detailed description of the yumilicious food and the first candle light date. :) all the best!

  3. Wonderful candlelight dinner with yummy food, Uma :)

  4. Anonymous03 July, 2014

    A beautiful and romantically gripping narrative:)

  5. Romantic one Uma! Awesome narration... Enjoyed reading word by word :) Best for luck for the contest dear, may you win!

    The Arts & Me

  6. creative and awesome narration !

  7. Wonderfully narrated:):)


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