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Now for the final post, we are going to see some amusing episodes of both the Rising Star of Comedy and the Bottom Line shows that runs every week on NDTV Prime. 

The Rising Stars of Comedy Show

stand up comedy
Female Stand-up Comedian Vasu Primlani
Do you think only men can do stand up comedy? Well, you are in for a surprise watching the episode “So what if it is election - don’t worry, be happy”. Women are no longer a stranger in doing stand up comedy. Vasu Primlani, one of the top three female stand up comedians in India takes the stage telling the audience about her experiences having a speech impediment as a child, about the hilarious Indian marriages and Men. Well, hearing her speech I understood why I should not sit or stand near anyone who is very angry, even though I make no mistake just to avoid taking a blow with a remark, “Sorry beta, you were closer”.

Following her, the stage was taken by stand up comedian Daniel Fernandes, who talks about how tourists behave in Goa and 46 year old stand up comedian Atul Khatri who speaks about people reacting at the closing gate ceremony on the Indo-Pak borders.

In the “My Name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist” episode, stand up comedian Zahir Khan talks about his childhood memories, his mobile phone experiences, his college life and much more. Don’t forget to meet Sanjay Rajoura, an angry Jaat who calls himself a social satirist and uses his witty language to entertain you. Well, there is no lack for these talented stand-up comedians who are upon the stage just to make you laugh. Make sure you watch them for a lighthearted laugh.

The Bottom Line Comedy Show

comedy shows
The Bottom Line Comedy Show
Coming to the Bottom Line, I believe you need no more introduction as we have already seen in our previous post what the show is all about. 

In the episode “Sikkim, the cleanest State”, Sorabh Pant was wondering about the Finance Minister’s seeking 5 mins break due to his backache in the Parliament in between his Budget Speech and talks about what is so special of the Indian Union Budget 2014. He also shed some light about the controversies surrounding the Indian Railway Budget 2014, about a new statue of Gandhi to be erected in front of the British parliament and more importantly, do observe his ten reasons on why he thinks North East Indians are better than their counterparts starting with Sikkim being the first Indian state to have 100% sanitation.

On “Look Who's Sorry for Humshakals” episode, he talks about the controversial meeting between Ved Pratap Vaidik and Hafeez Saeed, midday meals fiasco, Saif Ali Khan’s Humshakals and much more. You can follow more about these shows on twitter handles @NDTVPrime and @EastIndiaComedy.

On final lines, I thoroughly enjoyed writing for these two comedy shows and hope you too have enjoyed reading them. Let me know your thoughts about these comedy shows in the comments below.


  1. I gotta catch up on NDTV Prime and thanks for sharing:) I am hooked to NDTV 24 BY 7 and time for a change to make the heart happy:)

  2. I didn't know about these shows. Following them from now on. Thanks for sharing. yes, it is high time Northeast gets it due glamour in media world.

  3. These are new to me, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for letting me know...will try to catch up the shows... :-)

  5. I too was ignorant of these shows.


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