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A wedding is a most important occasion in an individual life and every care should be taken to make it memorable for the whole family. But most of the times, the close ones of the bride or bridegroom family are left to handle the encumbrance of the wedding. Indian weddings includes a large number of customs and rituals from inviting guests to taking care of other arrangements that the immediate family members are left alone to handle them, many a time missing a part of the event and are put under pressure to make the wedding go as smooth as possible giving no place to slightest of mistakes.This is where the magical term "wedding planner" comes in. These wedding planners are in fact a boon for families getting prepared for their children's wedding.

Keeping aside the professional wedding planners, in this post I am going share the details of how one can handle the responsibility when been entrusted the role of a wedding planner in any situation. 

Starting from wedding invitations, venue arrangement, wedding decorations, wedding attire selection to bridal hair and make-up arrangement, I am all set to search the right bargain at the best price. To make things more easier, let's start by doing all the arrangements online.

wedding invitation
My choice is as it has quality wedding invitation cards at best price.

My choice of selection is the blue wedding horizontal folded invitation cards. Vistaprint also allows custom uploads and personalisation. So, I will use these options to further personalise the cards and give it a rick look.

wedding venue
Wedding Venues plays an important role as with wedding decorations. A decent, well light and well ventilated wedding venue makes the guest comfortable and also elevates the grandeur of any wedding. Browsing through Baggout, I found very good hotel deals in Expedia which can serve a very good wedding venue.

Even Car hire and honey moon bookings can be made through


Flower decorations plays an important role in any wedding. The choice of flower and the way it is arranged makes a wedding look at its best.

My choice for Flowers for the wedding decorations are brought from fernsandpetals ( as it has lots of varieties to offer ranging from flowers bunch, flower bouquets, glass vase arrangement, basket arrangement.


wedding attires
Wedding attire for both bride and bridegroom can be brought from since my gorgeous pick seems to be located there including of min 70% off some fashion accessories.

My selection was  Sherwani set for Bridegroom and  Lehenga Choli for the Bride along with some jewellery sets to adorn the bride.


Bridal collection uses classic and contemporary look that lend an incomparable radiance to every woman who adorns it. Bright and matching to the wedding attire, the bridal jewelleries are brought from

wedding foods

The main highlight of the any wedding is food. It is only the choice of food that displays the grandeur of the wedding. With a lots of options to choose the restaurants, drooling food arrangements are made through


Items like table mats, napkins, bridal make-up accessories, mehendi and gifts are brought from and offering discount on all purchases.

With all the arrangements in place, a perfect wedding planner is done all without the hassle of running up and down, travelling from one place to another just by shopping through online websites.  So, shall we call it as online wedding planner?  Okay, now its time to return to my favourite celebrity to show her what I have got. Knowing her preferences, I am very well sure she is going to be pleased with all my selections. Well, wishing her in advance Happy Shaadi!

wedding planner


  1. It'll be convenient to shop for the wedding & all other associated requirements! Task becomes easy...
    Nicely shared, Uma!

  2. Seems it's useful website.. I have bookmarked this page for planning my sis marriage. And sharing this link to my friends too..

  3. Very detailed and helpful. But this looks like a cookie cutter approach. In India, there is not one uniform custom in marriage. Different states have different customs. Even in the same state, there are different customs. For example, in Tamilnadu, Brahmin weddings are different from non-Brahmin weddings. Even among Brahmins, Iyer weddings are different from Iyengar weddings. All of them don’t wear sherwani.

  4. You've done extensive research...nice work done Uma.. :-) very useful...

  5. Very useful post and great work Uma, you have done a complete and extensive research on this :)

  6. Idea to be the online planner with detail emphasis of the source products is nice ! good luck.

  7. Wonderful wedding plan Uma... I am yet to write mine... Don't know how to write better than what you have presented here! Anyway hope you win the contest dear, best wishes :) TC! Keep smiling :)


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