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London City Airport is running a campaign called #NoFilter Switzerland asking travellers and bloggers to share some of their favourite unedited photographs of Geneva and Switzerland to send messages across what the true essence of images should be without adding any filters. Being one of the participant in this campaign, here I share some of my unedited images that are taken with a Canon PowerShot SX210 IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera.

Switzerland - the land of dreams

Switzerland is a land of dreams and visiting this place in our recent bus tour to Europe was a dream come true. We entered Switzerland, and upon arrival is our visit to Lucerne, where we saw the Swiss Lion Monument and travelling towards the city is the main tourist attraction - a pair of historic bridges namely the Chapel Bridge and the Spreuer Bridge.

chapel bridge lucerne
Chapel Bridge Lucerne - copyrighted to
Out of the two bridges, the Chapel Bridge (called as Kapellbrücke) was so magnificent in its looks especially because of the way it is constructed with its triangular paintings, beautiful hanging flowers and the octagonal Water Tower at its end. I loved capturing the full length of the bridge along with the water tank and the lake surrounding it along with buildings since the whole sight is what gave me an impression of best combination of what Chapel Bridge exactly looked like even after if I see this image after few years.

This chapel bridge lays on the River Ruess and is said to connect the old town and the new town of the Lucerne city.

pedal boats
Pedal Boats on Lake Lucerne- copyrighted to
Lucerne has  beautiful buildings, and a lake that hosts Pedal Boats that are ready to takes us for a short trip across the city. In a weather that is cool and calm, the sight of the neatly arranged pedal boats in blue is worth a click. The neutral color of the weather and the buildings gives a lift for the bright blue boat in the images.

Following our trip was the visit to the Mount Titlus travelling in the world's first revolving cable car and then to the snow covered ice flyer and glacier where our view was blinded by white fog. Next, was our visit to the Europe's largest subterranean water falls, the Trummelbach falls also known as the valley of 72 waterfalls.

Our bus journey continued to Geneva, Switzerland's French town where we covered some important places in the city. With little time to roam about in Geneva, we entered the Geneva Park – the Flower Clock. Also called as l'horloge fleurie, it is one of the popular tourist spot in Geneva where the clock is decorated by different flowers using plant mosaicuture that keeps changing with seasons. It has three big needles - the hour, the minute and the second needles which are rotated manually and is said to represent the importance of Swiss clock and watch making culture. Directly opposite to the Flower Clock, is a magnificent statue of two young women encircling their arms on each other’s waist. Located at the Quai du Général-Guisan, it is the Memorial Statue to Le Peuple Genevois with the two young ladies representing the Republic of Geneva and the Helvetia, symbolizing the attachment of Geneva to the Confederation on September 12, 1814.

jet d'eau geneva
Jet d'Eau Geneva- copyrighted to
Another important and impressive sight in Geneva is the Jet d'Eau, a super fountain right in the center of the Geneva lake. It is one the city’s famous landmark and iconic fountain in the word which pumps water at a speed of half a cubic meter of water per second 140m into the air which can make you wet before you could near it. Such is the speed of water pumped and returned back to the earth. We had the opportunity to see the Jet at the night time and to our amazement, the illuminated jet looked more like a silver line in the sky when looked from far.  Clicking an image is worth at this time and using photo filters in dark cannot do justice to what is been captured in the night time. What a spectacular view!

broken chair geneva
The Broken Chair, Geneva- copyrighted to
Following it was the attraction of the  gigantic broken chair constructed by the carpenter Louis Genève right in the heart of city of Place des Nations. It is an impressive work of art designed by Geneva artist Daniel Berset for the NGO Handicap International, sending out a message to remember the landmines victims who have lost their legs or hands in the fields due to the land mines and promotes Landmine bans. And hence the chair is seen to be standing with three legs only and its fourth leg is splintered half way up.  The photo is captured to clearly show the broken leg with the view of the whole chair, bottom to top.

palais des nations geneva
Palais des Nations, Geneva - copyrighted to
Just opposite to the broken chair is the main entrance to the UN European Headquarters (Palais des Nations) where the sight of the National flags stands welcoming the guests. There are currently 192 Members of the United Nations who bring all nations of the world together to work for global peace, development and addressing international problems. And the country flags of all the UN members who are representing their country and the entrance of the Palais des Nations right in the centre  is what you see in the above image.

Our Switzerland trip is one of the interesting trip where we learnt all about different cultures and their way of life.

Filters (or) #NoFilters

Taking photos of places or things that look gorgeous or eye-catching requires no magic but an eye for taking the images in an appealing form. As you have seen from the above images, each images is taken at a particular angle either capturing the beauty of the surroundings (as seen in first two images) or highlighting the main theme (the next three images). Adding filters to the photos using Instagram or Photoshop reduces the natural beauty of the places or the images actually possess. Using Filters, just brings in the manipulated image which does not exists in real. By using NoFilters, we can still capture beautiful images that is authentic and looks decent. For doing so, I believe all you need is a good camera and an eye for taking photos in its natural beauty.

Special mention to judges Becky and Gray from Global Grasshoppers who is also supporting London City Airport #NoFilter campaign. And much thanks for choosing this post for the grand win :)


  1. It's such a beautiful country with magnificent views. Well captured:)

    1. Thank you Vishal. I love capturing the beauty in its natural form :)

  2. Wow! What an interesting concept! No filter images!!!
    Nice photographs Uma... You are so creative in taking pictures!
    TC! keep smiling dear :)

  3. Thanks for the nice pictures and well written description of the places,I could get a glimpse of the beauty of the country


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