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Diwali means celebration. Getting up early morning and taking oil bath is the first thing on the Diwali day. Everyone including kids in the home would wear traditional clothes and offer prayer to the Gods with sweets and fruits. After which, the first sound of firecracker, a roll of about several meters is heard at about 6.00 a.m. exploding continuously for a few minutes making sure to wake up everyone else in the neighbouring area. In my hometown, Diwali is a special festival wherein the spirit of liveliness is seen everywhere. Especially in the evening until the night, Diwali seems to be the best part of the day because it is the only festival where you can see the night sky filled with colourful lights and sounds.

Yes, the Diwali is indeed a big celebration in my hometown. Everything, from decorations to Diwali sweets to firecrackers will be ready before Diwali but right now, my Diwali celebration is quite different being a Desiwala. Being away from India means, I have to bring in the mood of celebration in my home here, which otherwise my kids will be missing. Living in a foreign country, I still try to celebrate every festival in my own way and in my comfort zone especially for my little ones. The people like me here will still have Diwali decorations, Diwali sweets and fireworks, but all in a minimal level.

To celebrate Diwali in the confines of our home is subjective. I along with my hubby and kids have plans for our Diwali starting from Diwali Foods to Fireworks.

Diwali Decorations

Just like any birthday party, we try to incorporate a Diwali Party theme where we decorate the home with lights and perfumed candles as a reminder to my kids that Diwali means “festival of light”. Getting Diwali party supplies is quite easy now using online shopping such as Amazon coupons in India. Here, I use to buy items from arts and crafts shops for simple decorations and by doing some DIY crafts. This Diwali, we are making paper lanterns for decorating our Diwali lights.(see the image below for steps on how to make a Diwali Lantern).

diwali latern
How to make a Diwali Latern (with and for kids )

Diwali foods

What is Diwali without sweets? Making sweet is a form of art in Diwali and I love the social activity of how my family, relatives and friends come together, helping each other making sweets. I miss all those moments now and it has become like an adage “on those days….” telling my kids. Although I cannot bring or replicate the actual bond of Diwali celebration in India, I try to bring some of its beauty by making sweet delicacies like Laddu, Somasu, Muruku, Soya urundai and Kara sevu, some of which will be exchanged with just a few of my multicultural neighbours here.

Diwali Shopping

Yes! The best part of any festival is shopping and I love shopping. In India, apart from offline shopping, many online shops including coupon offering websites with the best Diwali bumper sale, which is a real bargain for online shoppers. I am still in awe of what is offering for its 10 day sale.

Diwali Fireworks

Fireworks are the biggest part of the Diwali celebrations. Imagine the only time you can see people from young to old coming out of their home, smiling and enjoying each other company with fun and laughter. A lot of fireworks had been banned in India due to air pollution, child labour and depicting a wastage of money but there are still people lighting one or two crackers just for the sake of Diwali. Here in the UK, not everyone can use firecrackers especially the ones that gives out a loud sound. Luckily we have got a wide backyard and hence brought some sparkles, flower pots, chakra and pencils for the Diwali.

diwali celebration

Trying to maintain of some its essence, our Diwali is still special in whatever country we are in. Do you have some stories to share about your Diwali?

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!


  1. While sweets are integral to ny festival in India,the fire crackers are unique to Deepavali and the greatest attraction to children.As you have said the concern for air pollution,child labour and neighborly harmony some restrictions have been placed on timings and the noise level.Still Deepavali is an All India Festival of Lights and joy.Happy Deepavali to you and your family

  2. Happy Deepavali to you and your family.

  3. Diwali is also called the Festival of Lights and is the most important festival for Hindus as it signifies the victory of light over darkness.

  4. Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    I know what you mean. The last few years, I had to spend Diwali away from family and India. I'm glad to be able to spend Diwali at home this year.

  5. Love the's simple yet beautiful...

    Wish you and your family a very happy Diwali Uma...:-)

  6. Happy Deepavali to you and your family :) It was nice having a glimpse of festival celebration at your hometown.. The lantern you made is very beautiful... Almost every Indian would have the memory of preparing it once in their lifetime, I guess!

    TC! Keep smiling :)


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