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Being healthy is fun and the first question that would run on your mind is “how?”

Most women and men of the 40's and 50's lived longer without any health problems even though they were lots of food scares, illiteracy and low level of income. But how did they achieve that? It might be a magical question to us but if you ask them, their answer will surprise you.

Grandma - "We did not have any facility like mixer grinder, washing machine and so on to help us in doing our daily chores at those days. From cutting woods for cooking to carrying water from wells, we did all the works ourselves. We also use to feed and bring up our own cows for milk, even hens for meat and eggs. It is why we are much physically strong even at this age of 80 years than what you are in your 30's".

Result : Try to do “your work yourself” without depending on someone to help. Quit help unless needed for common household chores like cooking, washing dishes and dusting the home. After all, these works are manageable and adds that extra muscle to your body. To make things fun, switch on the music and work along with every beats you hear. It is a complete “Paisa vasool” both in terms of servant maid and hospital bills.

And being a mom of two little active kids, it is much easier to achieve a healthy body as we keep running around them every day. Children are very active now a days and spending time playing with them keeps our body in perfect shape as well as strengthens the parent-child bond.

playing with kids
Playing and dancing with kids
“No amount of physical activity is as much fun as spending time with your child.”

Taking a step further, I went ahead and asked some of my friends one simple question.

Can you share tips on how you keep yourself fit and healthy in a fun way?

Revathi, a software engineer and a mom of two answered, “Spending time with kids and playing with them is one of the ways which help me to stay healthy mentally. Apart from it, I do aerobics and have proper food and sleep to stay fit. Nothing apart from it I do to stay healthy in a fun way!”

Bhawya, a young mom and blogger at Bhawish Kitchen answered, “I don’t need any special exercise to keep my body fit because my daughter is my fit coach. Every day she gives me some exercise to clean up the mess she made. Then I follow small things in everyday life. Every morning after I brush my teeth, I drink 2 cups of water in an empty stomach. It helps to boost my spirit the entire day. Then if I am hungry in between after my usual meals, I mostly eat nuts and dried fruit, no junk foods. I also dance with my daughter and crawl with my daughter. These activities are my fit, healthy and fun secret."

Anmol Rawat, writer and blogger at Brain Teasers answered, “Umm, I don't know how to answer that because seriously I don't do anything. I guess, I don't indulge with junk food except on Sundays and eat healthy. I have my diet in control and I don't eat in excess. About half an hour walk every night. If the distance is short (something around 2 km), I like to take a walk instead of boarding a rickshaw. Participation in sports activities like martial arts, swimming and basketball in my pre-teen days have definitely helped me stay in shape so far. I have lost touch with those things but at least they offered me a fit body back then and I have managed not to gain too much after that. Also, I always take stairs instead of lifts or escalators anywhere.”

Jidhu Jose, IT manager and an amateur photographer answered, “I walk in the evening with my friends. So it helps us to maintain a healthy body and also we have good talk section while walking.”

Maniparna, blogger of scattered thoughts answered, “For me, I do light exercise and I love dancing with my favourite music”

So deriving few key points from all the above,
  1. Plan a date with your family going for a long walk, running around with kids, playing or even hanging out together shopping, walking or talking.
  2. Participate in any sport activity that interest you like tennis, swimming, etc. If there is none in your area, gather some friends who might join you on a weekend sport activity.
  3. Eating is also a way to stay healthy. But it is important to take nutritious and proper meal (no diet or junk food please). 
  4. Dance to your heart content whenever you get a chance either in party or at home.
  5. Indulge in any hobby that involves some physical activity like gardening, walking with pet dog and photography.
  6. Sleep! Sleep! There is nothing happy and fun than having a good sleep along with a good music. 
The same question with the theme ‘fitness is fun’ has been asked by ITC foods Sunfeast Farmlite for introducing its new healthy and tasty cookie which comes in two variants of Oats & Almonds and Oats & Raisins to its followers and fellow participants through Farmlite Bytes Film festival. And the video results were just amazing. Yes, staying healthy can be so much fun having a nutritious snack too.
healthy foods
The Goodness of Health and Taste
Farmlite Navratri - Dancing for hours can be healthy and fun.

Goodbye Bai - Doing household chores together without any servant maid can be healthy and fun.

Homework Kiya - Doing your “home” work and sharing the responsibility in home can be healthy and fun

Fit fighter - Husband and wife, survival of the fittest wins the battle of exercise and sports telling what is to be done in their home.

Striker Strikes Back – It is yet another innovative stop motion video which tells a story of how one can still be healthy and fit in a fun way through carrom board, a favorite indoor game.

Now, it is time to ask the same question to you as well.

Answer and share the secret of your daily fit, healthy routine which is also fun to you. Will you?


  1. Diet,some daily exercise,some hobbies and stress free life keeps one healthy and happy.A good post.

  2. (o) Super... Yes, doing all home works by ourself is great tip for healthy and happy life..

  3. Good one Uma, during the weekdays I go for a walk in the mornings with my friend after the kids are dropped at school. Then in the evening I take them for a long walk to the parks with their bikes, so both mommy and kids have enough exercise :) This week we are all planning to go for a long bike rides in a nearby trail.


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