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In our previous post,we saw how to design, print and custom decorate greeting cards for the holiday season. There was also a contest introduced for winning a brand new HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer 3545. Today, we will see more on HP printer especially on how to use HP Mobile Printing.

HP Mobile Printing is an advanced feature of HP Ink Advantage Printer which lets us to print using any mobile devices such as android, IOS and Windows mobile phone and tablets (Ipad/Android).

While exploring the HP printer, I found that there are many interesting features and options for designing and printing creative greetings cards, calenders, 3D cards and many more..One of the design titled “Photo Cube” is what we are going to see today.

Photo cube is an innovative way of gifting as well as a decorative item that you can add in your home and office.

photo cube

How to design and create a photo cube

Go to HP Photo Creations (link) that offers everything required to design and print a photo cube. From the drop down menu , select photo cube under print at home.

photo cube

Select the desired look of the photo cube from the list of designs. My selection was “Happy New Year “ as it is just few days away from New Year 2015 and so printing one will serve as a gift to my family.

photo cube

After selecting the photo cube, click the edit option to personalise and design as per your wish.

photo cube

 You can print the design as such using the print option from the abobe or custom design your cube. I chose the latter. 

There are five layers to design and you need to select the layer one by one to custom design it according to your preference.

photo cube

Exploring the available option for the themes, graphics, text, etc is a wonderful way to come up with an interesting and a beautiful photo cube design.You can also add photos into the design by uploading from your computer using the “upload” option in the “Photos” seen on the left hand side.

HP Mobile Printing

HP Photo creation offers various editing otpions like resizing, moving ,designing and more. You can save your project and also return back to finish output depends on how you wanted your photo cube to be. After finalising the design, it is time to print the design. the incomplete design.

HP Mobile Printing

HP Mobile Printing

I used my Google Nexus 5 phone to connect to the printer using the "printer" option in my mobile settings. The HP plugin is already installed and came along in my Google Nexus 5 and hence printing using HP printer was a breeze.

The output of the printed photo cube came of beautifully as seen in the be,low image. There are some number 1, 2, 3 and 4 which helps us to bring the look of the photo cube.

photo cube

Creating the Photo Cube

Cut along the lines to get the look of the plus as seen in the image. Now, crease along the lines so that it enables smooth folding

photo cube

Step 1- First fold as such the middle part is at the top and the other two parts are below.

Step 2- Next, fold such that the top 3 and 4 face each other and pull toether sticking them together or simply put stick 3 on 4.,

Step 3- Then, bring down the photo deign on the top below to stick it on the numbers on step 2

Step 4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the mubers 1 and 2.

The final output of the photo cube looks like below. As I printed and designed the photo cube on the gloss photo paper, the quality of the photo cube is quite impressive and also quite sturdy.

So, are you ready to do one yourself and share it ?

You can win yourself a brand new HP Ink Advantage printer - see competition details under this link []

photo cube


  1. Oh wow..that looks simply amazing. I loved the creativity as well as the personal touch of the photo cubes. Indeed lovely :)

  2. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it Uma :) TC! Keep smiling :)


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