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Are you still looking for ideas for the "Win HP Wireless Ink Advantage Printer Contest"? This post will actually help you to get inspired for the competition that ends tomorrow midnight. For terms and condition, click the above link and read under the title competition.

Most of you should likely have a printer in your home. Apart from printing documents , files, letters, projects and some random images, some of us go a step further exploring more fun things one can do using the printer. With kids at home, making fun things becomes addictive and there are times when hobbies do turn into business as well. Whatever the case is, with the right printer there are many wonderful things that you can create at the comfort of your home or office either by self or with the children.The following 10 fun things are what I explored using my printer.

Printer Used : HP Wireless Ink Advantage Printer 3545 (You can also win one too and all entries will receive a participation certificate )

10 Fun Things you can do with your Printer

1- Design and  Print your own Collages and Cards

Greeting cards are best way to tell someone that you remember them whatever the season or day may be. Printing your own greeting card provides an opportunity to personalise and send unique images and messages using HP Photo Creations templates. Making a collage of photos makes a card look more appealing.

2- Print Your Own Masks

Why need to buy masks for school projects and plays when you can print one yourself at your home. There are many websites that offers you to print masks but I found Canon Printables the best. Apart from printing masks, there are also various paper crafts that you can explore and do at your home.

3- Print interesting 3D Objects - Paper Craft

Paper craft is a wonderful hobby which requires printing and assembling complicated paper models by cutting, folding and pasting in order to produce real life like creations or something similar to it. Some of the unbelievable models include cars, photo cubes, toys, barbie houses and even frozen characters like Elsa and Anna. With the frozen movie being a big hit among kids, here is how you can build your own favourite character Elsa from the Disney website. (Download 3D ELSA.pdf)

3d elsa

4- Print your own Calendar

HP Photo Creations offers different calendar templates like Monthly calendar pages, Yearly calendar pages, Stand-up desk calendar and 12 month calendars. One of the creations is given below

printable calendar

5- Print your own Puzzle

Children loves puzzle. Using HP Photo Creations Puzzle templates, you can now print your own puzzle using your favorite images. You can add pictures, shapes and colours to make simple or challenging as you want. You will need to order the puzzle through your account in HP Photo Creations. It can be a wonderful gift for the kids.

printable puzzle

6- Print Stickers

Kids love stickers and there are lots of website that offers free downloadable designs for printing stickers at home. You can find free quality stickers in the Microsoft Office site. To print stickers , you will need a A4 sticker paper or label sheets.

7- Design your own T-Shirt

I have been silently watching printing T-Shirt custom designs through YouTube videos and always wanted to give it a try. And finally did it. To print on T-Shirts , you will need a high quality printer, heat transfer paper or GoColor TShirt Transfer sheets, silicone paper (comes with heat transfer paper) and a plain T-Shirt. Along with these, you might need to transfer an image on to your T-Shirts through heat transfer technique and do some artworks on it (see full tutorial here). All you have to do is to print your design on to the paper, place  it face-down on your t-shirt and run a hot iron over the top, making sure you iron across the whole image evenly. Then, peel off the paper and all you will be left with the transferred image on the T-Shirt. Don't forget to place  the silicone paper over the top of your design if you use ordinary heat transfer paper and then iron over it again as it will help the image to last longer on the T-Shirt.

tshirt design

8- Print and customize Paper Bags or Board Games

Customized paper bags for gifts or return gifts are a great way to create party bags for your friends and guests. The best size paper bag to use is a small 5 x 8.5″ and many similar templates can be found online.
printable templates

Also, you can print and play interesting board games from simple to complicated templates which you can download from many websites like and

9- Enlarge your old photos

Enlarging some memorable photos in the bedroom or hallway provides a wonderful feeling in home.
Most multi-function printers especially HP Wireless Ink Advantage comes loaded with the enlargement feature built into them.With HP Photo creations, you can design and personalise your image and order your enlarged photos online through your account.
enlarged photo
Also, Kodak's Big App offers you a poster creation tools called "the Big App" choosing size, orientation and number of sheets to create and print a poster-sized art  to a max of 15Mb and no bigger than 4095 x 4095 pixels. .

10- Print your own Newsletters, Recipe cards and Flyers

Newletters,menus or flyers, anything can be created, designed and printed using  HP Photo creations templates at home using multi-function home printers.


  1. Wow! You are a very creative mom who has tried a lot of DIY projects with your printer! Amazed reading about Tee designing, puzzle making, 3D objects(!), calendar making, what not! How smart HP printer 3535 is! A worthy to have printer!

    Sorry dear, I am unable to take part in the contest... My best wishes for those who are taking part...
    TC! Keep smiling :)

  2. Heyy I loved the ideas of Tshirt prints using an Hp printer , just awesome!

  3. Very creative post Uma. Sorry, I could not write because of the hectic work schedule. Please accept my apologies :)

    Someone is Special


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