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Whatsapp is a great tool for sharing and when it comes to videos, it is simply fast and fun. I have seen video clips shared in Whatsapp by my friends, and most often they are just forwarded videos. I had been looking to share a video "Let it Go - Frozen" from YouTube to my friend whose child is an ardent Disney fan. I searched for options in Google and found none.

Most frequently the common method of sharing a YouTube video from your smartphone will be by using your mobile phone's "sharing" feature. But this only passes the YouTube link  to the Whatsapp but not the whole video. See image below - (Method 1)
whatsapp youtube
How to share a YouTube video in Whatsapp - (Method 1)
Wait a second! Most often we forget the simplest means of sharing a video as we often look down on the method used for sharing the same.

Imagine where sharing a YouTube Video in Whatsapp don't need any apps downloads or waiting for some forwarded video. As silly it might sound, the most simple way for sharing a YouTube video in Whatsapp is to use your Email /Gmail (Method 2) and next is through the mobile camera (Method 3). It is like a child's play but it is worth giving a try if you really want to share something quick to your family or friends in Whatsapp. But there are some limitations on the amount of MB shared and the quality of the video depends on  the lighting and your camera capability. Some even trim the videos according to their needs on their PC and share them using Method 4 (see the last few steps).

How to send YouTube video in WhatsApp

Sharing through Mail option (method 2)

Step 1:
Upload your videos or embed any YouTube video and send an email to yourself using your PC/laptop/tablet/mobile whichever is convenient to you.

Step 2:
Next, check you email using your mobile phone where you can click to view your shared video easily.

Step 3:
Now, click on the top right corner where you can find three small vertical dots. You can see many options there including "Share" and "Share all".

Step 4:
Click the "Share" option where you will be directed to different app sharing features including Hangouts, Gmail, Skype, Drive, Whatsapp, etc. depending upon the apps in your mobile phone.

Step 3:
Finally, select Whatsapp and share the video in good quality to your family and friends.

Sharing through Mobile camera feature (method 3)

whatsapp youtube
Steps on how to share a YouTube video in Whatsapp - (Method 3)
Step 1:
Use the mobile's video recording capability and capture the YouTube video you want in your mobile. The recorded video is stored in your mobile Gallery.

Step 2:
Using the share option of your mobile, click share via Whatsapp.

Step 3:
Select the videos you want to upload. As for me, I have selected the Disney Frozen song to upload. The green tick you see on the video says that the particular video is been selected for sharing.

Step 4:
Next, select the contacts of the people you want to share the video . The video is uploaded pretty fast and you can easily play it “inline” within the Whatsapp and shared with your selected contacts.

As I found it, you can upload and share a video that runs from 2 to 3 minutes through Whatsapp. The quality of the video is directly proportional to the quality of your mobile camera.The upload time of your video depends upon your mobile SD memory space.

This is the most simplest and silliest (as you have thought) way to share YouTube Videos in Whatsapp.

If you find that the above method is just NOT for you, then you must check "WhatsApp Web" which offers a better method wherein you can embed or transfer images or media files between your laptop and mobile devices. And for this, you will just need your WhatsApp account.

To know more about Method 3 of sharing images or media files in WhatsApp, please read "How to Download Your Whatsapp Contacts, Images and Media Files to your PC Desktop"- (Method 4).

Hope you understood the above three ways of sharing a YouTube Video in WhatsApp. Have Fun!


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