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T- Shirt design is a fun filled activity and with the summer nearing, it is time to design your own T-Shirt and flaunt with them.

Both Cherry and Berry had a wonderful time designing their favourite characters with the help of the T-Shirt kits received by Buy T-Shirts Online and you can see how happy they are with the results achieved.
activities for kids
Custom T-Shirt Design

Materials included in the T-Shirt Kit

  • Two white T- Shirts of different sizes ( one for Cherry and one for Berry)
  • A transfer paper with the frozen image
  • A transfer paper with the dinosaur image
  • Fabric colours from Carioca
  • A instruction paper
  • A pamphlet

How To Use T Shirt Transfer Paper

The  transfer paper is used in the textile industry has the ability to transfer the image printed on it using an inkjet printer on to a garment using the heat press technique. For home use, normal ironing will do the trick.

transfer image to shirt
Transferring Image from the Transfer paper on to the T-Shirt
  1. First, cut out the iron-on image leaving about 5 mm of unprinted margin around the image.
  2. Place the image up side down on the top of the white shirt and pre-iron to remove any creases. It is important that the printed side is facing the shirt.
  3. Now, using heat from the iron box firmly and carefully press on the checked side of the transfer paper and iron it in a circular motion to distribute heat evenly.
  4. After two to three minutes of ironing, you will notice that the transfer paper is stuck on to the T- Shirt.This is where you need to stop ironing.
  5. Allow the transfer to cool down for few minutes
  6. Now, carefully peel off the checked backing paper from one corner using a smooth and even action
  7. You can now notice the image is transferred successfully.

How To Paint and Design your T- Shirt (Kids Activities)

Kids love to design their T-Shirt and it does not matter whether they look like the one you see on the shop or not. Sometimes, kids do make errors but still it is their own design which stays as a sweet memory in their life. Maybe, it is their first step to become a T-Shirt artist in the future. Whatever the results may be, just let the kids enjoy with their work. As a parent, you can guide them always.

kids activities
Artwork on the T-Shirt using fabric paint
We used a pencil and an eraser to help us to create our own text. I asked my son what text he needed for this image and he said, "Lunch Time". And accordingly the text was written and Berry started to use the fabric paint. But, it was not as easy it seemed to be. There was few paints here and there which we managed to hide using some circles, dots and a heart (see the image above).

To make more artistic, we used hand painting which was the easiest and created some colourful print here and there. The result was satisfying and moreover, my son loved it. That was the success for our T-Shirt design.

t shirt design

Cherry too designed her own T-Shirt using the frozen image from the kids T-Shirt Kit. She preferred minimal artwork and hence she wrote the text "Frozen" using the fabric paint to go with the image theme. Her work is uploaded as a YouTube video with a step by step instructions. Don't forget to watch the video titled " Frozen T-Shirt design for kids" embedded below the post.

t shirt design
Kids at work - designing their own T-Shirt

Frozen T-Shirt Design for Kids  - You Tube Video


  1. It's very nice.. I am gonna try it in my kid T shirt. .

  2. Wow! it's super fun! I so like the happy faces of Cherry and Berry...God bless :-)

  3. i love the names- cherry and berry! nice idea, it instills creativity in kids! loved it :)

  4. creativity at its best :)
    i personally Like the themes of IVY very much :D

  5. That was one cool activity !!

  6. Wonderfully designed T-shirts! Uma, this is a superb tutorial!

  7. How fun! It looks like the kids had a great time designing their own shirts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. very are doing gud


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