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In the world where every thing became instant by clicking and sharing images on the go using services like WhatsApp, many forget that most of the memories are left to be forgotten or destroyed without taking any proper precaution. Although images from WhatsApp are automatically saved in one's mobile gallery, there are times that you can lose them either due to sim or phone change. Also, downloading and sharing whatsapp contacts between devices especially the ones that lack SIM seems impossible. But not any more. Are you aware that you can download the list of contacts including names and phone numbers, messages, images and even media files from your mobile's WhatsApp account to your Desktop PC or even your tablets?

A new feature in Whatsapp called as "Whatsapp Web" helps you to achieve the transfer of files between the devices through Google Chrome Web as the medium.

The main advantage of using this Whatsapp web is that
  1. You can embed, transfer or share any images or even small media files by just dragging it into the Whatsapp web in your desktop PC.
  2. You can download images and videos shared by your family and friends into your computer or save them in a flash drive by selecting them and clicking "Download" seen on the top right hand corner. 

Steps on how to Download Your Whatsapp Account to your PC

Step 1
Go to your Whatsapp account and on click on the three vertical dots on the top right hand side. In there, select Whatsapp Web.


Step 2
You will be directed to the Scan code page in your mobile where you will be asked to visit on your computer.


Step 3
Click on "OK,GOT IT" on your mobile phone.
Go to on your desktop website using Google Chrome. The page will look like the below along with a big QR code ready to scan


Step 4
Then, using your mobile phone scan the QR code by overlapping  the transparent rectangle seen in your mobile to that of the QR code seen on your computer. As soon as the moving green line verifies the code, you will be automatically connected in sync with your mobile's whatsapp contacts and messages.


Step 5
Now, all your whatsapp details including contact lists, messages, images and profile data will be saved in your desktop PC inside the Whatsapp Web. Both your mobile and your PC will look just like they have been screen casted. To reduce data usage, it is always required that you connect


Step 6
The beauty of this Whatsapp Web is that even without the usual SIM connection or password , you can start messaging your family and friends in your whatsapp contacts and even save them. The same goes with your tablets with/without SIM.


Step 7: Logging out
You can also choose to logout your session in your PC and log in again when needed.


And if you feel that you no longer needed the Whatsapp web to extract or sync all your Whatsapp details,then using your mobile you can end your connection by logging out from all computers. All the details saved in your Desktop will be erased as well unless you have copied it in a desktop file.


Remember that for the above to work smoothly, you should have a Google Chrome as a medium for both your mobile phone and your desktop PC or tablet. And also, you can log in or log off  as many times as you want from your WhatsApp Web for accessing or transferring files from one device which supports Whatsapp account to another using this interesting and useful feature.

Have you ever tried using this WhatsApp Web feature in your mobile? Your comments ?


  1. Wow! That's a great tutorial! Thank you dear for sharing :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)


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