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See the fresh flower that grows in your garden and think about the stages of development they had to pass through in becoming a full flower. Tomorrow, they might be blown away by the wind or would be left to dry out in the sun or be taken away by someone. Even though the flowers has been taken away from the plant a countless number of times, the plant keep on blooming flowers doing their duty of feeding and holding the flowers and nothing can stop or change that. The plant keeps moving on.

beautiful flowers
What might be the result of this action?
What would happen to my future?
Will I ever be happy?

The above are some questions that frighten us and stop us in believing in ourselves. I went through them and most of us would have. Yes, there are rarely few people who have experienced otherwise. But taking the major rest, you either move on or stay there unable to move forward towards your future.

Just like seasons change, withering out every leaves from the branches of tree and then welcoming new ones, a human life is filled with expectations that may fall and rise. And all he needs is to be optimistic and keep adapting to the change which is easily said than done. It is hard to convince people that positive thinking has a better advantage than having thoughts that is negative. But, you cannot deny the fact that every expectation seen or felt from the living things around us fills the holes in our heart paving way for a better future.

They say "If you have experienced loss of hope, look at those people living in much worse state than yours coping with things and you might feel better".

It might sound an offensive way of comparing to tell someone that nothing much is lost and there is still hope. But, if you see it in a different angle wherein you can feel the presence of hope hanging down from those eyes, it is true that you too will develop hope.

During my voluntary work in a charity, I always feel and see hope in the eyes of people struggling with their income and life even without food for feeding their young ones. This completely changed me on how I handle my food at home. A resource that you think you have abundant or enough is not even there for someone who it needs desperately be it water, food, health or money. And that deprivation that leads to craving is what I see make the hidden hope come out alive. I see hope is directly connected to one’s need and expectation.

A hope takes many forms that fulfill one's expectation. It blooms out like a flower from your inside when someone comes to you telling you that you are there for them. It can be a family, a friend or even a complete stranger. Imagine, you are in a bad situation say for example debt and you have no help either from your family or your friends. But, someone coming to you and telling you that you are not alone and they too had been in same position as you were just few months ago and offers to help you to get things sorted out with minimal returns or through an act of goodwill expecting nothing in return. Now, this voice is what pulls out the sleeping hope from inside you and make you to believe in yourself for a better tomorrow.

For me, my hope is my children and the people I love the most. My parents were the source who helped me build hope whenever I was let down. Now, my children have become my greatest strength of hope. The thought of my kids reading me every day and building their own samples of what life means is what makes me to be more optimistic towards life. As much as they learn from me, I too learn from them a lot. For a child, their expectation/needs are less which rarely impact their hope and hence they have lots of positive attitude towards life. If one thing doesn't work for them, they quickly adapt and change to work on something else. Also, the children hold no grudges as they can forgive and forget things easily maintaining a smile in their face. Hope looks so beautiful when learnt from the kids. And I am learning from them every day.

Whatever form your hope seems to take, it is something that is valued to treat life better. If you still cannot find hope, start searching them from the smile of an old man, the face of the poor, the laughter of a child and those flowers which still keep growing in your garden.

This post is written for the prompt "Look Up Stories" by +Housing-com . You can read more such posts on @housing that comes with a hashtag #lookup.


  1. Very true. I agree with you, Uma.
    Hope is beautiful. May we all have the eyes & brains to recognize hope & be grateful for it.

  2. I always mention hope is just around the corner, just keep moving.

    I also worked with an NGO dealing with kids in Delhi during my MBA days...sometime we can learn a lot from them.
    Good thoughts!

  3. Hope is the reason why we all are alive today :) hope is everywhere :) superb blog post :)

  4. Wonderful article... Even I agree with you, Uma... Science says, breath is life. But, it is hope that makes us breath!


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