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A jewellery is an important collection for many women other than collecting a wardrobe full of clothes. Jewelries include beads, precious stones, silver and gold, with the collection varying from person to person depending on their taste and usage. I am no exception but I love wearing minimal jewellery for many occasions.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when I was contacted by Nude Jewellery, a contemporary London Jewellers for reviewing their handmade jewellery. In two days after accepting their proposal, I received a bubble warp which held a grey colour wrapped cloth resembling a flower.
contemporary jewellery London
Handcrafted Vanilla Double Link  Jewellery
I was actually admiring the way they had presented the warp and I noticed a tiny round flat shape on the side which when pulled out opened the wrap flawlessly.

Inside the circular cloth warp, was the white box which had the jewellery wrapped around a paper. My excitement grew and upon opening the wrap, I was pleased to see a silver chain and pendant crafted well in design. It was worth the presentation made for unwrapping the jewellery.

nude jewellery
Contemporary Jewellery London
The silver jewellery looked so natural in appearance and with its double links being slightly hammered on the outside, it was simmering in light making it to look attractive in every position. The jewellery was a contemporary model called the Vanilla Links Range and the one I had with me was in fact called as the "Vanilla double links silver pendant" which had contrasting sizes of about 17 and 14 mm approximately. The chain that held the double links was about 16” long and it uses spring tension clasps to open and close the jewellery when wearing it around the neck.

contemporary jewellery

The jewellery was medium in size, light in weight and makes a good accessory for casual wearing. When wore around the neck, it feels natural and it sits right below the collar bone making it visually clear.

The vanilla double links is available to purchase for £85 at Nude Jewellery under contemporary jewellery. This double link necklace from the Vanilla Links collection is handmade in Mayfair by award-winning designer jeweller Nikki Galloway and it features two links of differing sizes that have been lightly hammered to create texture and react with light.
handcrafted jewellery
If you are the one who loves hand-crafted silver jewellery, you will be in for a surprise to find so many designs in the Nude Jewellery website ranging from pendent to bracelets to wedding rings sporting gold, silver, diamond and with prices ranging from few pounds to more costlier ones. Among their contemporary jewellery range, I also liked the below interesting collection under £150 (see below image).

handmade jewellery London
Handmade Jewellery London
From the above collection, which one do you find attractive?


  1. the glass effect pick...

  2. really interesting way to keep one's occupied !

  3. the handmade silver flower earrings studs look dam awesome! (h)

  4. Beautiful jewellery! Unbelievable that they are handmade...

  5. Aww the piece looks so elegant. Loved it

  6. Lovely.. My pick is the blue topaz silver flower pendant <3


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