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happy mothers day

Togetherness is filled with energy that it creates wonderful bonds of love and support. For many, a family is the greatest support that one can have in this world. I'm one among them. There was a time I was a silent observer of nature and chirping birds sitting for hours together in my garden sipping my tea. But now, I love watching my kids, sometimes secretly. I like the conversations they have together about things they love and hate. There are times that I involve myself in their games and feel like a child in their imaginary world. Being around them seems like I am filled lots of with positive vibrations.

Every minute spent with them was special. They make me laugh, they make me think, they tame me, they teach me and they make me feel loved.

They make me laugh doing funny things. They make up funny stories and share them with me telling how funny they sound. As they read their little stories, it was true that could not help but admire them changing their tones and acting their narrations just to make me smile.

I wonder how much they have grown to know things in a way that they can explain to me differently and beautifully. They make me think of ways to solve a problem and come with a solution of what can be done. They make me analyse my unwanted anger and help me think where I went wrong when I shout at them. They help me to recollect my knowledge of “why’s and “how’s while teaching them about plants, oceans and stars.

They tame me to be gentle making me to speak in a voice that is slow and clear. They teach me about the words that I need to avoid while being with them through their actions reacting the same way I did to them. There were even times when my kids corrected me when I said something funny and they did not like it. And more importantly, they make me feel loved. It was like counting your blessing from the little beings that I brought into this word. They surprise me every now and then, it doesn't matter whether it was their first time.
mothers day

Drawings of  little hearts and words that sound like love poem are the best gift one can have on a Mother's day. Their love was something special and they mean it when they gift me after hours of work and I smile secretly when I see them trying to hide their presents from me with their little hands. Although I knew what was going on, I pretended not to know what was happening. And that makes my little ones glad.

And suddenly my kids call me out to enter the living room with closed eyes. I did as requested. I entered the hall and when I heard them say open your eyes mom, I opened my eyes to look at two beautiful dolls standing with a big smile and twinkling in their eyes as they shouted " Happy Mother's Day" showering me with presents and sealing my cheek with kisses.

mother day

What else do I want? *Touchwood* Being a mom is something very special and like every mom I too go through such unconditional love every now and then. And I should also mention about my husband who was a part of this togetherness as well. He had helped things to go smoothly as the kids had planned and even captured some wonderful moments of togetherness. A special thanks to him for making this day special.

This Mother's Day I was showered with love from my two kids and the moment of togetherness as a family is something I will treasure always for they fill my life with optimism. Watching them is itself a kind of meditation to my mind and soul. Someday, my kids might open and read this post. I wanted them to know that they are no words to tell the love I have for them and thank you so much for such wonderful gifts. Yes, spending time together as a family is a blessing and every little celebration matters. To all moms reading this post though a little late, wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day and many more to come.

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  1. So sweet! The cards are lovely! And it was very nice to read about your relation with your kids :) Thanks for such sweet post... May you be happy always :) TC! Keep smiling :)

  2. Blessed you are with your two loving and sweet children making you happy and proud of them.They seem talented from the cards they have made.May your family be happy and closely knit always

  3. cute .. Touchwood you are a blessed mom!

  4. ah .. i remembered my childhood .. my mother once told me even though i'm earning now can gift her expensive gifts .. but the one that gifted her handmade cards are more precious !


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