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Parenting books are always in my reading list and today I had done reading "Mom’s Journey - Practical Tips for Raising Kids" by Limor Friedman which was a light and breezy read. The Mom's journey is like an autobiography of the author's life in raising her three kids. Her approach in upbringing her kids, little struggles on the way and how she overcame them is what the book is all about.

Being of Mom of three daughters, she has undergone everything a mom normally would undergo. The only difference is that she has come out describing her experience on upbringing her children through a book which the author feels will be handy for new mothers who would need some suggestion in raising their children. And the book is purely about her way of bringing her children.

I, being a mom of two can relate to many of her experiences and one example is about a kid preference of eating. Like her, I avoid asking my kids what they want for lunch or dinner every day. By asking them about their preferences in the early years, we are creating an image on the kid's mind that there are foods he can prefer to eat and there are some he can avoid. It will only narrow their nutrition options and it can also overload a mum doing extra cooking by making different dishes to each kid's preferences.

Also, kids have enough time to decide what they want to eat as they grow older and introducing different kinds of food to kids without kid's involvement will help kids taste different kinds of foods. In my experience, I have noticed that a specific dish that a kid does not like just about a few times have become his/her favourite dish later on.

Another point I liked reading in the book is about the “Fruits and Vegetable” tip. Yes, I no more ask my kids about what fruits or vegetables they want to eat. I have them cut in a plate and place them on the dining table. It works!

The thing I appreciate about the book is that the author has cleverly divided the book into different subjects like sleeping, eating, crying, etc. and then she brings in her experience with her three daughters. It was not like reading the book like telling her story of how she gave birth, brought them up, etc. from a baby to a teenager.

The author has picked up specific points from her life and discussed in her own and simple language. Although there were some useful points regarding parenting, there were a few points in the book wherein I differ from the author. Yes, to each his own.

Nearing the end of her book, you can feel as if you have known much about the author, her preferences and her way of life. You can pick up some really good points here and there from the book although you cannot say that it has all the practical tips needed for raising kids The author has also done some research on some common issues and have even shared some useful links in the book for our reference.  The book as a whole has many positive aspects and the language used is also positive. The book has many useful tips for new mothers and mum to be. Overall, it was a satisfied read.


  1. Seems a good book.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice review. Looks like an interesting book to read. Where did you buy it from? Hope it is available in flipkart...Will check it. Thanks for this rewiew post :) TC! Keep smiling....

  3. Parenting tips & experiences are always welcome.
    We can learn so much from one another :)

    Nice review, Uma :)


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