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Being a mother of two kids now, I have learnt that every baby cries for a reason. Either the reason would be hunger, sleep, pain, fear, insect bites or wetness. And most often if the baby cries in the middle of their night’s sleep, it would either be that the baby is feeling hungry or he is uncomfortable about something like wetness from urine or stools.

crying baby
And in this twentieth century, most parents find it convenient to use a disposable diaper during night time especially when it comes to an infant as they pee quite often. Also, there is minimal worrying about bed getting wet or stools getting messed up everywhere.

When my sister gave birth to her son, she suffered from sleepless nights as the little one was often waking up and crying at night. Just like any other mom, she was worried about her baby not getting enough sleep and many times she used to carry him on her shoulder rocking him up and down to make him fall asleep during midnight. Sometimes she would call me up for suggestions as she believes that I being an experienced mom would help her with tips that would help her baby get better sleep.

I advised her to check the normal issues of hunger, wetness or pain which she had said she had done and yet her baby was crying. The baby was quite healthy and thus crying at night basically might be due to one of the above reasons. As we were discussing about this issue, I remembered that the diaper that is not leaking will also be uncomfortable for the baby because of the wetness from inside. And because the baby can feel the wetness when he presses his bottom on the diaper, he starts to express this awkward situation of not being able settle himself into a comfortable sleep by crying.

I told my sister that this could be one of the reasons of the night awakenings and suggested her to try a diaper that has a greater absorption rate that ensures dryness inside so that the baby and she can have better sleep. As she was currently using Pampers, she checked the brand for any such model and came across Pampers Baby Dry Pants and found it much better in terms of frequent diaper change and walking up of her baby due to wetness while sleeping. Every baby needs differ and choosing a right choice of diaper becomes essential for the moms.

Some common myth amongst Mothers regarding about the right choice of diaper is that
  • About 92% of mothers think that diapers that don’t leak on the outside are still dry diaper.
  • About 96% of mothers trust their sight or smell to change a diaper

But the fact is they are not true as in this age of conscious parenting about 99% of mothers can understand the connection between dry on the inside of the diaper and their baby’s comfortable sleep. Some baby may pee often while some may not. It depends upon the age and weight of the infant. The right choice of diaper chosen should offer protection and absorption that ensures dryness inside the diaper for a healthy and happy baby. Pampers Baby Dry Pants is one such diaper pant that promises dryness on the inside for up to 12 hours as its magic gel locks the wetness better than any other diaper pants.

If you are a new mother with babies undergoing night awakenings due to wetness or someone who is looking for a better rate of absorption in your diaper, why don’t you head towards the Rewards Me website by Procter and Gamble and request for a free sample pack (free delivery).

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  1. Good information for new moms..
    TC... Keep smiling :)

  2. Oh yes wetness inside and the irritation for baby equivalent to sleepless nights for you as well. Thanks to pampers.

  3. Though this is an infomercial for Pampers, you gave some good suggestions for the mothers whose kids cry all night. Thanks.


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