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Many people invest a lot in buying a comfy mattress for their home. Some go an extra further to add a mattress topper to improve their quality of sleep while some settle with a mattress protector. But why exactly we need a mattress topper? Basically, a mattress topper is used for protecting the mattress from little accidents (by kids/toddlers) or unwanted spills/dusts or as an add-on for old/used/hard mattress to add another bit of comfort and insulation. .

Choosing a mattress topper depends upon your need and budget. In reality, there are different types of mattress toppers ranging from different filled-in materials like wool, silk, feathers to memory foam and also with different thickness ranging from slim to upto 7-10 cm deep height that claims to provide a comfortable sleep. This week I had an opportunity to use and review a mulberry silk mattress topper from silkbeddingdirect.

As with all products, let us start with its time and mode of delivery.The delivery was professionally handled through Interlink express which has been updating me of the date and time including the driver's name as to when he will deliver the product through my mobile number. Their service even allowed me to reschedule my date of delivery through a simple means of picking my own convenient date for delivery or leaving my parcel somewhere safe in case I am not available at home.

mattress topper

The silk mattress topper came to me in a secured brown package and upon opening, I really liked the what I saw. The whole package looked presentable with the silk mattress topper secured inside a named transparent PVC carrier bag along with a zip and a handle.

I unzipped the bag and my first observation of the mattress topper is how slim it was (about 1 cm thick) as I was expecting it to be a little thicker but it was soft and I could feel the silk threads inside. Lookwise, it does look plain but you can find some flower patterns which are loop sewn at regular intervals in order to keep the silk interior firmly in place and also to avoid crushing the precious silk inside.

mattress topper

You can also find four elastic straps one on each end of the mattress topper to hold it firmly in place over the mattress. I also happen to notice that the the silk mattress topper sits exactly on my king size bed mattress holding the ends firmly as possible. So, it is very important to know the size of your bed when you place an order for a mattress topper to make sure they fit the bed as intended. 

As for the mattress toppers, you get about four different sizes such as Single bed (90 cm x 190 cm), Double bed (135 cm x 190 cm), Kingsize bed (150 cmx200 cm) and Super king size bed (180 cm x 200 cm).
mattress topper
Upon usage, I found that the thickness of the mattress topper is good the way it was in spite of looking thin as I could still feel the softness it offered while fitting my mattress quite evenly. The silk mattress topper did give a little lift to our bed offering a soft top increasing the level of comfortness while sleeping. Although I was a little skeptical about the straps, I found that the mattress topper very well stays in place. 

The advantage of using this mattress topper is that the silk being a natural heat conductor helps to maintain the right temperature of our body throughout the day/night despite the weather. Another noticeable thing is that this silk mattress topper is breathable and naturally hypo-allergenic so it is said to be good for allergy sufferers including other health benefits. And if there is one set back then it should be noted that this silk filled mattress topper cannot be washed but it is clearly stated that they don’t need any washing and airing in the sun for about two to three times a year should suffice.

One important thing that you must note is that the raw material used in the making of this mattress is got from silk worms. (How silk is produced).

Right now, you can buy silk topper at an offer price including silk duvets, silk pillows and mulberry silk-filled bedding sets with worldwide delivery options. If at all, for any reasons you are still not satisfied with the product, the company offers a 14-day “no quibble” guarantee which allows you to return the goods to them within 14 days of receiving it and you will get your full refund including the shipping costs which is really appreciable from the buyers point of view.

Do you own a mattress topper? If yes, we would love to know about how do you feel about the material used in your mattress topper and your opinion on it.

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review and all opinions are my own.


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