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Backpacks which are said to invented by Dick Kelty in 1952 are commonly used by hikers for outdoors and kids for school to carry medium to heavy loads on their shoulder. Most often, the backpack used by kids are frame-less, one of the four categories that backpacks fall into. The Neat backpack by Neatideas4U is one of the frameless models that have extra pockets with padded shoulder straps that helps to carry a day's worth of things with distinctive design.

Having ordered the backpack through Amazon, the delivery was promising and arrived in a large cardboard box within two days. The green backpack was impressive in its look especially its size. Look-wise, it is bigger than I imagined it to be. It was a backpack with two large zippered compartments which seems to be generously spacious to hold a number of long sized books. The main compartment has a double handled zip mechanism and is divided internally into two parts to serve either as a laptop/tablet compartment or even a lunch box compartment for kids.
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The third compartment is slightly smaller in height than the other two compartments, but is spacious enough to hold long as well as medium sized books. The zips on all the compartments look good in quality and have large handles.

Build sturdily with Nylon material, the Neat Kids backpack measures about 33 x 15 x 44 cm in size and weighs about 700 Grams. The pockets on either side of the rucksack were unique in appearance with a closed pocket on one side and the other side has an open cum netted pocket.

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The plenty of storage space (about 22 litre in volume) in the Neat backpack means one can even tuck in cloths and other necessaries for outdoor trips apart from using it for school.

The back of the backpack looks wide and is padded soft for extra comfort. It has adjustable straps that are wide and strong enough to spread the weight evenly on the shoulders. On the top of the backpack there is a thick plastic handle which helps to carry the backpack on hand as well as serves to store it on coat hooks.

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As the neat backpacks are designed for kids, it comes in four different colours (dark blue,  light blue, light green, light pink) to suit the kids taste along with a cute image and the company’s logo. This is just one down side for me as I prefer the logos to be on some corner of the bag instead of being filled in the middle. But the red circular motifs looks chic with a small logo imprint. 

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The edges of the compartments are piped strong and overall,the rucksack looks durable ideally suiting young users for keeping their things organised. Currently priced at £14.99 at Amazon UK, this kids backpack or Neat rucksack is sure bargain. 

Do you own a backpack and if yes, what is your opinion on it?

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review and all opinions are my own.


  1. Hey, my toddler starts school next year and these days are gonna start for me soon :)
    Nice post!

  2. My toddler is about to start school journey. I am gonna experience this. Thanks for sharing.


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