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No rainy days without an umbrella and every member of the household has to have their own umbrella to protect themselves from rain or wind. Being a owner of number of umbrellas, I always loved the ones that could withstand the wind. Most of the umbrellas never fail to protect me from rain but along with the wind, I might be chasing umbrella whichever directions it wanted me to only to find them break apart and finally drenching me in rain.

This is one reason for me try out this wind proof umbrella with that special guaranteed lifetime replacement program. What could I ask for if one could offer a guarantee for their product they believe will work!

Okay, let me give my impression on it whether it is truly worth getting one after hands-on trying and you can decide whether this umbrella will make place in your home too.

Package and Ordering: Having ordered on Amazon, it is damn good to know that your ordered product is tracked and reaches on time through Amazon. But, I noticed that the product was placed with some other products that I ordered along with this umbrella in one single packaging. So, I can't say anything special about packaging except that the product was delivered in a protective black cover with its handle bubble wrapped and was in prefect shape.
windproof umbrella

First Impression: Upon removing the protective cover, I could really see how compact the umbrella was with a non slip rubber handle that I carry it in my hand bag. It was also light weight and comes in different colour selections but my choice was black.

windproof umbrella

Auto open Auto close Feature: Most umbrellas comes with Auto Open features but very few have Auto Close and I was keen on trying tit. The handle is smooth with a button featuring two signs for open and close mechanism. At the click of the "UP" arrow the umbrella opens up smoothly. And by clicking the "DOWN" arrow , it collapses the canopy  after which one needs to push it down back to it place until a click sound is heard. As you can see, this auto close feature is not fully automatic (no umbrella does this for the fact) as as the auto open feature but it does comes handy in  places where one needs to quickly shut off the umbrella especially when moving between crowded areas and for quick entry into safe places. But, pushing down back to shape takes some strength.

Is it truly wind resistant? I have been using this umbrella for a week now and found it to be good in rains and mild winds. It was light weight making it easy to carry around but at the same time sturdy. Still yet to test in autumn gusty winds though...
windproof umbrella

Another thing I like about the windproof umbrella is that although it works like any other windproof umbrella when it comes to winds flipping inside out, the designs are different saving it from sudden breaks flipping in and out. It does not break out of place because of its unique windproof flex memory frame technology saving it from sudden breaks flipping in and out. The spring embedded on each frame of the Crown coast umbrella works as a friction and helps avoid damage to the umbrella.
windproof umbrella

Suggestions for improvements: Although I have good points about this umbrella, one improvement could be increasing the length of the handle bar as sometimes I feel that the handle bar is not sufficient enough to be held on my palm. Another thing that concerns me it about the about longevity of the button when I do click auto close due to the sudden collapse sound I hear. 

Finally, it must be noted that Crown Coast windproof umbrella offers an automatic enrolment for the 100-Day Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee, customer service support and a lifetime replacement program when you purchase this umbrella from Crown Coast. Still now, the umbrella is going strong and hence could not comment on the customer service or lifetime replacement Program.

Overall, being compact, light in weight, durable and with auto-close/auto-open feature, this umbrella is a good buy.


  1. Lifetime replacement! And windproof!!! That sounds nice! Windproof umbrellas are needed here in India...
    Good review, Uma :-)
    Tc, Keep smiling :-)


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