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Science is an interesting subject and one cannot get bored with its diversity of topics. But for young children, complicated concepts can be a turn off especially if they cannot grasp the concepts behind it. To make science more enjoyable, there are different books with ideas, experimental kits and sometimes science in from of graphical visualisation. The science DVD collection from Rock N Learn uses the graphics technology for the kids to help make their science learning memorable.

The four discs in the science collection covers the four essential topics such as the human body, life science, earth science and physical science, each lasting not more than 35 minutes. These in turn are divided into small clips covering the subjects in brief. In addition, there are songs, quizzes, practise questions and some humour bringing the science books to life.

Physical Science

physical science dvd

This one seems to be the start of the science journey series introducing our characters Kevin and Marco, the pencil. The concepts discussed in the physical science subject are basics that introduce us to atoms, molecules, properties of matter, mixtures, electricity, magnetism and energies like gravitational, light and sound energy. It covers each topic in a considerable but in concise detail. Although one could expect that it could have a little more depth in every topic rather just the basics, one might cannot expect the kids to sit down watching them without getting bored. Instead, what I noticed was that every minute of the video introduces some complicated terms in a easy, fun and understanding way for the kids making it a kid friendly video.

The Human Body

human body dvd

The human body disc served as an effective way of educating kids all about the body parts  its important organs and their functions. The good use of terminology through simple narration and songs accompanied with the brilliant visuals makes it an interesting video. The alimentary canal song turned to be a hit among my kids and they enjoyed knowing about the five senses. It was like a revision tool of what they had learnt in their school.

Another good feature that I happened to notice in the human body DVD is that if your kid is interested to watch some clips in between say about the digestive tract song, you don't need to replay the whole video again but instead use the clickable links that comes under Science station instead of playing from the start.

Life Science

life science dvd
The life science video also serves as a great visual experience for the kids in knowing about parts of plants, types of plant cells (Xylem and Phloem) , life cycle of butterfly, ecosystems, genetic traits and adaptations again through simple narrations and songs.

Earth Science

earth science dvd

Earth science introduces some complicated terms like different types of rocks, water cycle, solar system, plate tectonics and energy resources. Again, the simple narration, songs and keeping the concepts in concise was enough to make young ones sit through each discs without getting bored.

science dvd collection
Science DVD Collection #rocknlearn

Luckily, I got my hands on these DVDs helping my kids to revise science taught in school as well as learn new concepts of science in a fun and engaging way. Each DVD is interactive and as I mentioned earlier does not lasts not more than 30 mins, with every minute of  useful information.

All the four Rock N Learn Science DVDs covers some important aspects of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum. They have some fantastic information with great visuals and keeps the kids interested in science through the use of  music and mnemonics. It definitely saved me time in teaching kids some complicated concepts like functioning of ear, geology and different properties of matter. The videos were extremely educational.

One drawback is the price of the DVD which will be turn off for people interested to buy all the four of the science collection. Otherwise, they are well worth the investment made for helping kids to embrace some complicated science topics.

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Hi. You have clearly spent time on these DVDs.
    You have not mentioned what age group they are aimed at though.

    1. Nimi, these DVDs are aimed for children in Keystage 1 and Keystage 2 as these covers basics of science. Age group - 4 to 10 years old to be precise.


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