26 Dec 2011

Easy way of adding Google Plus One Social Button into your Blogs, Blog Posts and Websites

Google Plus one is a new feature by Google to help your blogs/websites to get notified easily in Search engines mainly Google .After a grand 'Au Revoir ' to Google Buzz , its descendant Google Plus One reforms to add more functionality to its Social page Google Plus and offering a social stamp recommending to the public .Adding a Plus One feature into your blog posts recommends it to search engines.The more the plus one ,the more your posts get notified and there ranking in the front page of the Google which in turn increases traffic to your websites.

Adding a Plus One feature is very simple.One way is to use the Google codes which provides a platform to customize and provide you codes of how you want your Plus one button to look like with +1 Snippet.

1. Use  Google Webmasters +1 button to organize your code.Then copy the codes and follow the instructions in the <!--Comment section --> telling you where to place the codes. 

2. Another simple and easy way is add the code yourself into the Edit Html of your Blogs/websites.In there, add a single line ,

<script src='https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js' type='text/javascript'/>

just below the </head> .

Then, add <g:plusone></g:plusone> where you want to render your Plus One Button.

Appearance :

If you can change the code according to the appearances like Small (15px),Medium(20px),Standard (24px) and Tall (60px) , just change the second code accordingly

Example : <g:plusone size="tall"></g:plusone>
                <g:plusone size="standard"></g:plusone>

To Place in the required place in your Blog Posts 

Use [CTRL + F ] in Edit Html (after expanding ) to find the required codes.

1.In order to make Plus One button to appear below and near the Title of your Blog Posts , place it just below this line.

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

2.In order to make Plus One button to appear near the entry of the contents ,place the code below this line

<div class='post-body entry-content'>

3.In order to make Plus One button to appear near the end of your blog post in the footer, place the codes just below this line

<div class='post-footer'>

Now, you will have your Google Plus One Button the way you wish it to be in a hassle free way.

Do Plus One this post above if you like this post .

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24 Dec 2011

Santa Claus arrives at your door and you can know it !

Imagine a red fat bubbly man with a large smile and a large bag flying around and you are lucky enough to catch him on your mobile phone or video cam.He is described as a person with a large white bread , a protruding belly,beaming eyes with wide smile who loves gifting children.It is none other than our red clothed SANTA CLAUS whom we have heard through stories , books and in schools.This year he comes alive for all the children around the world .Before laughing at me , read fully so that  you can believe me that I am telling you the truth.You can track Santa Claus this year and the coming years with the help of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) and its predecessor CONAD (Continental Air Defense Command).

The Internet giant Google loves to step and expand its network in every aspects of Internet world.This time,they have clubbed with NORAD to track Santa's travel with the help of RADAR all around the world .Even they track the amounts of gifts delivered by him.Good news!

So, is Santa true??
Of course, He is ALIVE. And those who believe him is bestowed with love and gifts from him.NORAD believes in Santa and has been collecting datas from 1955 and now they have paired with Google tracking his flight and giving you the exact location of his travel through Google Earth. It is believed that Santa travels from North pole to South pole in his own flight, a herd of flying reindeer and so the NORAD is equipped to continuously track him all through the December from Christmas eve.

How do they track Santa?
NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa – Radar, Satellites, Santa cams and Fighter jets .All the four equipments work all through the day collecting data and pushing them through Google Maps and Google Earth so that everyone now have an opportunity to see the REAL SANTA.

NORAD website provides the children of the world a special  December with writing letter for Santa ,uploading videos of Santa, a countdown village and tracking SANTA LIVE.Operation Good Will , another initiative by NORAD helps people to serve others and support each other. Free applications are available in Apple itunes and Android markets being available in all Google languages. Other social networking sites Face Book,Goggle Plus and Twitter also  offers tracking opportunities for a big red dot.

Twitter : @noradsanta

An accidentally developed system of tracking Santa now becomes the World's Official Santa Claus Tracker.Santa has already started his voyage and now travelling all around the globle with an enormous heart and gifts .

You can track Santa Claus entire route through Google Map as he travels around the world. You can see that Santa has been traveling from the East and is heading towards the west in a random path.The gifts locations are his path traveled. Click each gifts to know more about his travelling .

Watch out for a big red man in your way ...up the sky .Humm..hum .I too believe in SANTA ;)

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21 Dec 2011

Transliteration of the Letter ' r ' In Tamil Language

I have been observing for quite long,that the use of  the letter 'r ' in Tamil for some words in Tamil is sightly different as to what I have known from young.The Internet and Google transcription provides a platform completely free to type and share Tamil Documents and Papers.I have come across many websites and blogs where this ' r ' is typed differently.As for me personally writing a Tamil Novel (possibly in future ), the typed version of this letter ' r ' is different from the printed one that is available as Books.There is a wide variance and many people well versed in Tamil language find this difference to be a little annoying.They see words that completely appear different  although the meaning does not differ much.Surprisingly this can be found only in the letter ' r ' and not in any other letter of from the remaining 17 Tamil consonants.( Tamil Alphabet has 18 consonants, 12 vowels and one character) 

One can notice the difference of  ' r ' (ir , irr) from the above image.During my chat with a few Tamil Blogger in Face Book,I asked them the same question.Though they understood , they could not come with a proper answer and in fact many feel comfortable with  the present Transliterated ' r ' for their blogging.

The letter ' r ' becomes Tamil ' ir' / 'irr' and the letter ' R ' becomes 'itir' / 'itirr' when transliterated .Also from the above picture, you can clearly notice that this happens only for the small letter 'r' .

Recently I came across a paper 'The history of R'  from  the Journal of the American Oriental Society   where in a similar doubt was arised by the use of 'R' in Tamil Linguistics.Though understanding this concept was beyond my knowledge of Linguistics ,I am embedding the same for convince 
Journal of the American Oriental Society © 1937 American Oriental Society
PS : Tamil has always been a powerful and interesting language ..The authors of the Unicode fonts and TSCII fonts have come up with a way of typing Tamil easily in Computer and Mobile Applications.As a ardent lover of Tamil , I have highlighted what I felt was different in using the letter 'R' or 'r' than what I know it when I grew up. 
The purpose of this post is to highlight my own opinion for Tamil Transliteration of the letter 'R' or 'r'Kindly share your thoughts if you feel I am right or wrong.

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18 Dec 2011

Koodankulam Project - a call of public opinion across the globe.

The news that is revolving around the media recently and has many hopes and fears alongside by different people of the same country .The recent update by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

"The 14,000 crore project cannot be kept remaining idle .The first two reactors will be working within few weeks and the other six within the next six months.Tamil Nadu (TN) where the project is handled and where  power demand is high will support my views .Also TN will get more share of power ".

This should be a good and welcoming news to the people of TN where the people are really struggling for power both in urban and rural areas.The Electrical demand of our whole country will be reached with continuous supply of power and will also promise to provide employment opportunity. Isn't it an appealing news to be celebrated with joy?But, the case is otherwise .Not many are happy with this project.The reason being exposure to unseen rays (emissions) from the reactors and the aftermath effect by the recent earthquake in China destructing its reactors emitting dangerous rays from it.

Is Tamil Nadu SAFE from NATURAL CALAMITIES yet ??? How far can we calculate what happens to our country due to natural calamities apart from Terrorism.How far does the urban as well as rural people have been explained about the safety of these reactors ?.

The result around ten thousand villagers are protesting at the site of Kudankulam nuclear power plant demanding removal of uranium from the site .
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Koodankulam (Tirunelveli district)
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Koodankulam (Tirunelveli district)

These are some snippets  that I have a gathered from some articles.

The DAE (Department of Atomic Energy)  has built 14 units (two at Tarapur in western Maharashtra state, four at Rawatbhatta in western Rajasthanstate, two at Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, two at Narora in northern Uttar Pradesh, two at Kakrapar in western Gujarat and two at Kaiga in southern Karnataka) are beset with technical problems and are operating at well below full capacity. These reactors were build promising an output of 10,000 MW of power by the year 2000 with the share of nuclear power an insignificant 2,770 MW, hardly 2.5 percent of the total energy output.Now,an addition of one more reactor "Koodankulam Project" is being build to achieve yet another 10,000 MW by 2020 which is just a hope at present.

What makes the Koodankulam project’s Russian-made VVER-1000 (Vodo Vodyannoy Energeticheskiy Reactor; water-cooled and watermoderated) reactors even more disconcerting is the fact that neither the DAE nor the AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board )have had any experience with them.The Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project has neither conducted any legally-mandated public hearings nor has it shared the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with the public .

Please Kindly spend some minutes reading this link [ Is Koodamlulam Project SAFE ? ]and share your own views/opinion on the same.You can either welcome it or criticize it in Blogs (or) Social networking sites.

We are in one of the people in TN ( India ) and we can voice our opinion through networking.We are in fact the people who will / have to face the effects of the outcome caused by these reactors under any circumstances.

After all, we have been taught that INDIA is still a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.

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15 Dec 2011

Virappin Waradarassou ( Varadha Veerappan ), Chevalier Et Officer de l’Etoile d’Anjoun contribution to Pondicherry (Puducherry)

Chevalier.Varadha Veerappan ,this name has now been less known in Pondicherry (the once French colony) today. But if you turn back the pages in the history of Pondicherry , this man has an lot of involvements in the  growth of Pondicherry .He is one of the most important person who was responsible to initiate the growth of education system in Pondicherry .

Born on 12 th June 1906 , Chevalier.Varadha Veerappan ( Virappin Waradarassou )was proficient in Tamil, English and French languages.He has received many honours in his profession while working in the department of medicine as drug specialist in Pondicherry Government Hospital.One of the important award he received was Chevalier Et Officier de l’Etoile d’Anjouan [wikipedia - description ] which is regarded as the Legion of Honour (or) the National Order of the Legion of Honour (French: Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur) for Knighthood under French regime.His French name as in the dossier de Paris is " Virappin Waradarassou ". It is my pride and honor to see my grandfather name to be entered in the List of foreign recipients of the Légion d'Honneur.

[Chevalier] Late .Virappin Waradarassou
He was a well -educated person in Tamil Literature including Illakkiyam ,Anmigam and Sarithiram .His love for Tamil literature has lead him to support the development of Education (Kalvi Kayagam) in Pondicherry.

He has even a written few Tamil novels under the French rule .He died on May 5 1982 under heart attack.Below, is a snippet from Agni 12 written by Dr.BalaBaskaran.

The certificate of Chevalier Et Ordre de l'Etoile d'Anjouan is framed and still hangs at my house.And finally, I am proud to introduce myself as the grand-daughter of this Chevalier persona :) .

Ordre de l’Etoile d’Anjouan

Grande Chancellerie de la Légion d'Honneur

This one is framed and hangs proudly on the hall of my home 

More details of these honors can be found on the French Official Site - Legionhonneur.fr

As you can see by enlarging the certificate, this honor was given to my grandfather "Virappin Waradarassou" and registered on 24 Mars 1954 by the French Government. I along with my siblings and cousins are proud to carry this honor to this generation by what we could :)

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5 Dec 2011

Expose Freelancer Logo and win US$25,000 in 10 prize categories

It is raining competitions and prizes in the Internet world.Freelancer .com, one of the top sites to recruit or offer projects by bidding is now offering this competition to highlight its portfolio to million users online.

The Theme:
Simple! Expose the Freelancer.com logo .The entry is open and you need to be a registered member in Freelancer.com to submit the entry.

The creative and the viral video gets to top up the chance to win $10,000.Your video is selected based on musical theme,most viewed,creativity and how magnificent it is.A beauty is that we can form a team in freelancer and also enter this competition.How I need one such team!! 

The competition starts on November 15th and closes on the 31st January 2012. We will then select the 20 finalists within 3 days. Voting will run for two weeks and the entry with the most votes will win the People's Choice Award.

You have your creativity as the amount invested to promote the logo in any form (e.g. 3D, as actual origami, giant size, as a crop circle etc.)

Click on the image to sign -up and participate 


How to make a Freelancer origami hummingbird do-it-yourself video

Leave your thoughts below ....and message me any theme to work on and blog about.

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