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As for child learning mathematics table ,the mutiplication of 1,5 and 10 are the easiest compared to other numbers.When asked what is 5x5 ,it easily says the answer as 25 and so on till 100.Even if he/she is asked the answer for 125x125 ,the child can work out this calculation mentally within few minutes .This is the beauty of Vedic Maths.

TYPE 1 :

By the one more than the previous or Square of Numbers ending in "5"
The squares of 25, 45, 95, 105, 125, ..etc can be worked out mentallyThis Sutra is also called as Ekadhikena Purvena which means, "One more than the previous."

Here, 25 x25 =?

The result of the last term is always twenthy five.

ie : the unit and tenth place is always 25.The hundredth and thousandth place will be one more than the given number.For us it is 2 on both the sides,so it will be 2+1=3

and so 2x3=6 giving our answer as 625.

Therefore , The Square of 25 is 2x3| 25 = 625

Simlarly ,

The Square of is 45 is 4x5|25 =2025

The square of 95 is 9x10|25 =9025

The square of 105 is 10x11|25=11025 and

The square of 125 is 12x13|25 on

Note :
To apply this sutra , the left hand side of both the given numbers should be equal.To make calculations easier it is required that you should know upto 20 th table.


By the one more than the previous for the first figures being the same and the last figures add up to "10"

Applying the above same sutra , we get
Example 1 : 34 x 36

we add one more than the first digits which are same and multiply the second digit adding upto 10

3 4 x 36 = (3+1) x 3 / (4x6) = 4 x 3 /24 = 12 / 24

Therefore, 34 x 36 =1224

Example 2: 83 x 87
83 x 87 =( 8+1) x 8 / 3x7 = 9 x8 /21 = 72 /21

Therefore,83 x 87 = 7221

Note :For the above two examples the first digit is same and the second digits adds upto 10



  1. it's mind blowing, simpy awesome..........

    1. Well, indeed I was having the same feeling on learning more about vedic maths :)

  2. Does this work for 30x39

    1. No, as per the rule the total value of the unit digit should add up to 10. Here 0 + 9 =9 (and not 10). So this rule does not apply to it.

    2. Anonymous29 July, 2016

      When one number has a zero it makes multiplication simple. Multiply (40-1)*3 = 120-3=117 and add 0 = 1170.

  3. This is very informative. Thanks for sharing.


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