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I wonder how many of you would have landed here when you have stumbled upon the word " Free Electricity".Many would have mainly from a country like India where electricity comes with irregular cut-offs and big bills to eat your mind out .I remember my mother staring at the electricity bills mainly during the summer times wherein many at my home with BP and diabetes loves to stay in cool air from AC since they would not stand the heat outside.Thanks to the current cut-off that occurs regularly during summer due to lack of wind.Now the government had made the statement in the open that current cut-off is a constraint to save electricity and it would occur two hours everyday.With these situation in India , I stumbled upon an advert in UK providing free electricity through solar panels through which this post was born .Those in UK are already lucky to get regular electricity and with these Government backed scheme , they get electricity at no cost.

Free Solar panels including free installation and servicing by Freetricity is a move to get more UK customers to use Solar Panel which derives energy directly from the SUN and converts them into electricity.They are in fact known as Green energy which helps in saving the environment from Global warming issues.If you are reading this ,then you must read this Unlimited and Free Resources of Energy on Earth (Bookmark it ) after reading this post.

Power House
How does solar panels work
The Sunlight that falls upon the solar panel, it gets absorbed by the layers of silicion in the cell creatingan electric and causing electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity and power.This Power can be used straight away or linked back into the power grid so that any excess can be sold to the electricity supplier via the grid.

A Video of how Solar Energy Works

If you are interested in having free solar panels installed in your home, or would like to find out more about solar panels and how they generate free electricity please visit Also ,they provide you continuous support for 25 years including maintenance.Yet some other companies that comes forward with free solar panels and installation is HS Solar (, Aurora Solar Power ( companies provide us with these free panels providing us free electricity which in turn get their payment through the energy suppliers by the panels which we haven't used which means the extra unused electricity benefits them. The above two companies free panels applies ONLY to people living in UK and around though there are many such providers coming forward to do the same.A quick search through the search engine will prove more beneficial.

Solar Power in India
Well,what about a country like India having abundant Solar Energy than UK .Though a leader in wind energy,India's dense population needs energy from the SUN which is high and stays long with each passing year.A very popular and common application of solar power in India is the solar street lighting system.When you walk through the streets in the Pondicherry Beach at Night, you can see and feel the power of the Sun in each street light.

The government of India is promoting the use of solar energy through various strategies although awareness of this energy was adapted very late in India. The major hurdle for solar energy in India is prohibitive cost of getting a Solar Equipment.

Lauren and CCL Optoelectronics formed a Partnership to Build Solar Power Plants in India undergoing  two Solar power projects namely 75 MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant  and 64 MW Solar Power Generating Facility is an another initiative of professionals in India to promote the development of Solar Industry through various services researching , setting up and promoting Solar farms.

The Auroville in Pondicherry, India known for its high tourists spots has a Solar cooker ,a collective kitchen has a huge bowl installed to use solar energy for cooking.The Sadana Forest project in Auroville has it supply of Solar Energy with 1800 watt solar (photovoltaic) power system, connected to 8 batteries.
 Solar Bowl and Sadhana Forest Project , Auroville , Pondicherry
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam , the famous Perumal temple in India has the world’s largest solar steam cooking system. The system is comprised of 106 rooftop-mounted parabolic concentrators that generate steam for cooking up to 30,000 meals daily.
Solar Cooking
The Solar Power is regarded as the future Power system in the whole world .In India , there are many budding projects and tenders going on for the future free Solar energy .The wait is not wasted since many big companies like Tata,Lauren and SahajSolar have come forward in producing Solar Electricity .The projects estimates that India would generate 20GW from sunlight by 2020, putting green energy targets of developed nations in the shade.


  1. world is in dire need of renewable energies...hope this project is successful...


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