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Times of India , Indian Express and The Hindu , almost all Newspaper always tend to have its front page with these letters enlarged.

24th June 2011- Diesel price hiked by Rs 3...
15th May 2011- Steepest Petrol price hike in by Rs 5...

For a middle class family, the soaring  rise in the price of Gold,Gasoline and Foods diminish the  lives and the peace of the family.Even today, the condition is same.We can't live without the above said items in India and the price rise is something we can't change .

Sky Rocketing Fuel Prices

According to 2011 report ,the fuel prices has risen from Rs.50 per litre to Rs.56 per litre in a span of two years.The price increases were needed due to rising global crude oil prices.


Petrol Price
61.83 per Rs/Ltr Most Recent price change date: Friday, July 01, 2011
61.51 per Rs/Ltr Historical price change date: Sunday, May 15, 2011 
56.62 per Ltr Historical price change date: Sunday, January 16, 2011 

Diesel Price
42.65 per Rs/Ltr Most Recent price change date: Friday, July 01, 2011 
42.47 per Ltr Historical price change date: Friday, June 24, 2011 
39.98 per Ltr Historical price change date: Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Change, a magic world which brought Barack Obama to power in America should be the life-long mantra for the middle class people in the world of rising prices .That is, bringing the Change in our lifestyle.

What Change would possibly help ?We use fuel for cooking , traveling and sometimes for electricity for a common household .Moreover, fuels are used to power all vehicles traveling on road and air transport.It is the bloodline of our Transport system.Whatever fuels we use be it a Petroleum, Natural Gas, Hydrogen Fuel, Vegetable Oil or any other Fossil Fuel, we got to face the black truth that they are going to expensive with each year

Changes to beat rising fuel prices
  • Change the way of how you Travel  : Use Public Transport if you are a frequent traveler to a particular place .We can see many people travel in a car alone.Imagine how many money and environment damage could be saved if he choose to travel on an alternative option.
  • Change the Tyre of your car when needed : The care with the best quality Tyres.Yes, more often ,say after a period of year or so , you can see that your car has run so many miles and needs a Tyre change.How often do people change it?. So Car maintenance is also a important point to be taken.
  • Change your Car : Research and buy a quality car that meets your fuel requirements.Car engines upgrade and new technology is being introduced for better drivings.From the tables above you can see that the Multijet diesel engine car provides more fuel efficiency .
Sharan asked his father for a new car .His father, an ordinary Government officer looked at his son who is on the verge on finishing his MBA studies.

'"What happened to your old car ?I think it is still in full form" said his father.He knew that Sharan  does'n t talk much to him expect for asking things.And even today this conversation is for the same.

"Yes,in full and old fashined form .But I can't use it more often because I have to shell out all my part-time money over it.Only on it . I had put petrol for Rs.1000 filling up to four fuel points for travelling 200 kms and now the fuel point has come to one again.Imagine how the car drinks the petrol! " Sharan replied with a sigh.

Sharon's father saw his son anguishment.He asked his son" Okay tell me son,you are in the bussiness field.What car do you think is suitable for our family?All this old man knew is that the fuel prices are increasing. Also remember your father is not holding much money at hand. " he carefully chose his words.

Being asked his suggestion ,Sharon felt himself very important.He has always been tagged as a spoiled kid .He wanted to take this chance to prove his father that he has transformed himself into a better person.He tried to gather all information he knew about cars.

Sharon said ," Dad,  Fiat cars are proven to be more economical as well as best cars in India". He showed his father of what he had collected as Table.

Technology of Petrol and Diesel Engine in a Nutshell
Sharon said ," See dad, my calculation is that with continuous rise in fuel prices we have two choices one we can adopt for Fiat Diesel car  which will prove more economical in the long run and the other to buy a petrol car and then upgrade them if needed .

Grande Punto and Fiat Linea proves to be more fuel efficient according to their chart. 

Linea ActiveLinea DynamicLinea EmotionLinea Emotion Pk
Linea ActiveLinea DynamicLinea EmotionLinea Emotion Pk

Punto 1.2 ActivePunto 1.2 DynamicPunto 1.2 EmotionPunto 1.4 EmotionPunto 1.4 Emotion Pk
Punto ActivePunto DynamicPunto EmotionPunto Emotion PkPunto 90HP Emotion Pk

Sharon continued ," Dad, you can see from the above chart that the cost of the Diesel Engine Car is higher than the Petrol Engine. But still Diesel cars are more economical since they give better mileage and good performance.Let me show some reviews that I have browsed. Look at them .And the final choice is yours ."

Reviews of Petrol Versus Diesel Cars (Click to enlarge picture):

Sharon father was surprised to see his young son speaking like a professional .The once spoiled one now turned into a literate man who knows how to convince his father with his better approach. why not? He is a MBA.He looked at his son with pride.And he liked this Change in him.

Finally Sharon and his father concluded on the Fiat Punto Emotion Multijet Deisel Engine.

His father chuckled ," Well , after a few years you don't need to get another new car for yourself or for my grand-son saying the reason of rising fuel prices . This Multijet engine will prove to be more of a money saver in the longer run and as well as give the feel of a bigger car with better performance at the cost six lakhs."

Sharon could'nt help liking his father. He was still the same .


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