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Everyone who are in possession of a NetBook or Personal Computer would have come across various mini application like calender, alarm clock, slideshow, MS paint, calculator, weather  and many more in day to day life.Internet being a rich resource of knowledge also paved a way to be a store house of these applications. Numerous stand alone application are being created everyday keeping in mind its usability in a Platform .Intel has come forward with its own IntelAppUp center to provide some of these applications free to use and yet some other priced .Having browsed through its website, I found that many  applications are to be  an essential one in a PC, Laptop and  Mobile Phones  .

What is IntelAppUPSM center ?

The Intel AppUpSM center is a web service that allows end consumers to browse a centralized catalog of applications for purchase or download to their net book or other personal computing device in both paid as well as free form. There are number of applications to choose from different varieties featured in their website.

To get these applications for your Mobile Net book or PC , all you need to have is an Internet connection and a Net book.In order to browse and view the store catalog , you got to download the IntelAppUp Software which is provided for free and then register in it as a user.Once registered, you are ready to use as many free applications from it.Depending upon the usability and availability , some are to be downloaded with a price .

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows 7 Home Premium64 bit (English only)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium32 bit (English only)
  • Windows 7 Starter 32 bit (English only)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit (English only)
  • Windows 7 Professional 32 bit (English only)
  • Windows XP Home 32 bit SP3 with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (English only)
  • Windows XP Professional 32 bit with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (English only)
Unfortunately I had a Vista currently unsupported by IntelAppUp .So I had to borrow my husband's laptop for a day installing and reviewing the application.Then I had the screenshots mailed to my e-mail account and then accessed the pictures from my own Vista laptop :p. 

As I browsed the IntelAppUp Software, I happen to discover some interesting application which is a must have and provides much more flexibility in my everyday life

Ten (10) Free and Useful Mobile IntelAppUp applications are

1. Anti-Mosquito : No wonder I got to download this application 'Anti Mosquito Sound'. It was useful at time when I am working in the evening and night times with my net book.This application acts as a powerful Mosquito Repellent uses a sonic sound frequency that is harmless to animals and even soundless to humans, but unbearable to mosquitoes.It makes them run away and help me save some blood and scratching

2. ICE - In Case of Emergency :Again ,In Case of Emergency is a free application and found this one to be very useful one.It saves all your data like  'Contacts', 'Allergies', 'Conditions', 'Medications' and 'Notes' and helps in quickly displaying crucial information to first respondents meaning any emergency service worker would know more about your medical conditions and whom to contact to when needed.There is an Alarm Button which helps you to get attention in case of any emergency.The Alarm button will continuously play a sound in order to try and attract attention. Another wonderful feature in this application is the 'nearby' feature which allows you to quickly search for the nearest hospital, doctor's office or police station. It launches Bing Maps and displays directions from a given location. This application in indeed a very essential in every net book and moreover it is free.

3. Safe Banking
Internet era, as we name these ongoing  years is a  day wherein we almost do many things online.Shopping ,Selling Stuffs ,Paying our  Electricity bills ,Phone Bills and more bills online .For all these, we access our Bank using the Internet Banking.But safe are we?.They are many invisible Torjons and Hackers we have to come come across now and then.Many software applications provide support for safe banking.And IntelAppUp provides you a free software called the Zemana Safe Banking to safeguard your confidential information such as passwords, user names, credit card information, addresses, and others.It is mainly designed to intercept Bankers Trojans at the point before private financial information enters the secure web sites, or https, and blocks the applications trying to record SSL data before the encryption takes place.  It has powerful proactive response and eliminates threats from SSL Banker Trojans. It detects serious threats that the other IT security products miss. Its unique technology detects when Bankers Trojan runs on your computer, and proactively shuts it down - before it can steal your identity or hurt your computer. Rather than simply using virus "fingerprints" to identify known malware, Zemana Safe Banking understands how Bankers Trojans attack your computer. This is a patented approach and it is the first of its kind.

4. MoneyBag
If you are a hard saver of your money or want to know where your hard-earned money goes , then MoneyBag is for you. It is a simple and elegant tool to manage all your financial transactions like income, expense and savings on a monthly basis, review your spending budgets and understand your spending and savings pattern so that you can be more aware of your financial behaviour. Transactions can be made via Evernote  to your friends or family and also you would be able to Sync the data across multiple machines using Cloud Services.It has many more features that would help you to share and manage your transactions from anywhere .

5. ATM Locator
Another interesting application I found to be useful is the ATM Locator.It is a database of almost all ATM's from 24 banks.You can find the nearest available ATM using the keyword search like City and Area.When downloaded, you can use them offline too.

6.Yoono Desktop
Yoono application allows one to connect to all the social networks and instant messaging services in a single place.It helps to get updates on all the social networks which we are registered in.

7.Web Reader
Web Reader is the most popular cross platform rss reader and is a full featured Google Reader desktop client.  It includes features like:
-Subscribe to any website, blog, rss, atom feed
-Keyword search
-Multiple views of full, summary or titles for RSS feeds along with Font adjustment
-Easily share the links with Face Book or Twitter

Youload is an application for downloading the favorite videos from the YouTube. YouLoad can save video in high quality flv format which you can play on your notebook easily and is  free .You can download as many videos as you can and really is helpful for me

9.Educational Applications
Almost many application found in this Intel software were useful.There are times when I have searched similar application in the Internet and returned empty handed.IntelAppUp provides a number of free application to download and use like Basic Maths,Vedic Maths ,Science ,Painting, Periodic Table ,Formulas ,Laws and many more  .What more needed for a mother of two like me?My kids love them and they are having fun.

One can imagine how useful is a IntelAppUp is for Education.It brings the whole world into a single place, inside your Net book.And thanks, it has saved me time to teach my little ones at home .
* * * * * Five Stars for Basic Educational Tools from IntelAppUp 
10. Taxi GUIDE: A simple and powerful application for Online Car Rental Booking all over India.A frequent traveler would need one.This application currenty supports for travelling by car or taxi in India

No Wonder the above happened to be My Favorite Application 

"My Favourite Application is the TaxiGUIDE.The advantage of the TaxiGUIDE application is that it provides a range of vehicles across 75 cities in India, has personalised service, provides continuous support and guidance, good quality operators and vehicles along with reasonable rates.The website is quite simple and the booking is very easy.

The TaxiGUIDE application is a boon for all  travelers travelling in and out within India.It has helped many people of hassle free booking of taxi even in peak time.I too had a brush with this application quite recently after knowing its use through IntelAppUp.

It was a joyful occasion for all of us since only in time like Marriage , we all relatives both from in and out of India would gather together and celebrate.As every occasion or trip involves places to visit and see, we suddenly decided to visit Lord Murugan Temple, Vadapalani in Chennai.The decision was made incidentally and everyone liked the idea of visiting the temple ,not very far away from place like Pondicherry.It is nearly Three hours travel by road.The idea of visiting the Temple after a religious celebration like marriage was welcomed by everyone at my home.My mom and my grandmother browsed the calender and came up with the date 20/08/2011 , that is tomorrow.As always , I phoned the usual car renter to book the taxi. Unfortunately the cars were booked for the day we asked.

Soon ,my husband came up with the Yellow pages and Just dial option to call upon the availability for Taxi.But I had some other thing on my mind.Yes, I was thinking about using my Laptop for booking my car tomorrow.Thanks to Indiblogger and IntelAppUp .Yes, through them I came to know that there is a fine and free application TaxiGUIDE which would give me hand at this moment .Fortunately it did

The beauty of this website is that is provides a portal for all all car rental operators and retail customer to enable a hassle free network of online Car Rental Booking.Almost all the places are listed in the website.There is no need for calling or waiting.Just three steps in this website and there you are on your way to your desired location.

The Book Car Rental has options to choose the location and destination of travelling, number of days the car is needed , type of car preferred and the selected date .After typing and selecting your choice, click on the Search Cars.The next page displays the Operators available at present , the location and the estimated fare for traveling.If the preferred car is not available you are informed of the back up choices and options available to you .

You can also compare prices of different cars and location in the FARES AND Calculator Tab.

After you are satisfied with your selection , you can continue as vendor by clicking go to pay for your booking. Visa cards, Debit Cards ,JCB, CC Avenue cards are accepted for processing the money online.

You are automatically redirected to a secured login wherein you have to register with the taxiguide ,in website to pay your money for booking.Once booked, you are confirmed of the booking with a receipt.

Below is the picture of how fares are calculated according to the selected place and preferred car.There is also an option of car rental package for famous places like Mysore Maharajahs Place and Thirupadi Temple.You can choose your package depending upon the availability .

The whole process of booking was very simple and saved a lot of time for us.This application got my into my most favourite list  because it has proven to help me out to visit my favorite Murugan Temple with ease

Highlights of this application 
  • Easy Usability of this application 
  • Essential for any frequent traveler inside India
  • Almost all 74 cities been listed in the application
  • Can estimate and provide fare rates using the fare calculator
  • Choice of Operators and Cars to select from
  • Has Reasonable price quoted
  • Secure payment system for online booking 
  • Availability of choices and options for Travelling
  • Online Customer care support for continuous support and guidance


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