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As cliché it might sound, Bingo like any other online game is a game of chance.These Online games are for real and when playing them first you should need some Money and second, some Luck.To name some online games , we have Blackjack, Roulette , Slots, Baccarat, Craps, Keno, Poker, Video Poker and Backgammon .And Bingo is one of them

So what is Bingo ?. It is a game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off five numbers in a row or another required pattern. I never tried these online games before.One fine day, after getting registered in a Task Management program , I decided to know more about these games and more about this Bingo.

"BINGO LINER" is the site I chose to work on.The purpose of this post is to make the reader feel how he will be playing in this Bingo Liner as one of the free user .

Unlike land-based bingo, which uses real balls, online bingo reveals its numbers through a random number generator.There are two main types of online bingo games. The first is the one you download through free software before you can play a game. The other uses Java or Flash-based games where players can join a game immediately upon registration.

To get familiar with the Bingo features, Bingoliner provides a  $20 Bonus free which requires you to download the software after being clicked.While downloading, you will be asked for Registration details.I did as required and then I was directed to the BingoLiner Game site after the login.The page was beautifully divided into two columns ,one with the main screen play area and the other was the details of the players who are available and away.I was given two option to select from one the Bingo and the other the Slot.

There I go 1..2...3 -BINGO

I had my head spinning for a while.I have to familiarize myself with this site, its various functions and commands. It was a free sandbox play without me investing a dime (deposit).As a free user and $10 bonus on my hand,I was to choose from the available ones to play.There were Mini-games in which the 5 reel slot was free, and then the Slide games (again to choose),Bingo Cards(none was free and have to buy cards before playing), the Table and the Mega Bingo( for the professionals).

Coming to the real play, I was to choose from Spinning Spurs and Jungle Fever from the 5 Reel Slots which was the only free for a free user in the Mini Games .(as seen in the above picture)

There is a random spinning wheel, 3 rows x 5 columns each with a picture from the Jungle.When spinned using the SPIN button they began to roll and stop randomly within a stipulated time of five seconds or so.If they satisfy the line criteria of the pictures (similar ones) on a single straight line, a diagonal line or a triangular line on any three rows, there you have won some money.You can see the amount you have won in the Won box with the beautiful coin sound. Unfortunately being a free user ,I cannot take home my winnings.If I want to,then I have to activate my membership or have to deposit an amount.For those who believe, luck follows, this game of chance is worth the try.

The Full Picture of what you will Play
To qualify for the largest prizes( to become rich in one night), a player must have an account on the site. The players can fund their account through a variety of e-wallet options, such as Neteller, Citadel, Firepay and Pre Paid ATM. Remember, You can either win or lose.

Click Below if you want to try your hand or find your luck in a free bingo game (explained above).This is for just one single game.There are many for you to play



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  3. This was really so very interesting and fun for me to play. I have enjoyed playing this game much. This was great.

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