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ikes are for the Men.I always ponder upon and sometimes try to scrutinise this fact.Being a mom of two children , a daughter and a son it's no wonder I find a lot of difference in their tastes from the way they behave to choosing their toys.My daughter is very soft in nature , loves pink colour and always love to have fairy tale characters to her addition of toys.I can sense the feeling of love and kindness in everything she does.On the other hand regarding my son , he is the reverse.He is the naughty one in my home, loves blue colour and always prefers to have wheels both on his legs and on his choice of toys.Cars, Bikes,Aeroplanes,Jeeps,Auto, Fire engine...everything that has wheels on it are his only choice .And my son will stand on his leg to buy them for him.He loves to drive in all sorts of vehicles and goes crazy for those stuffs. I always tend to hear these sentences almost everyday from him .Mama,look up ...aeroplane flying .See, see the car ..whoosh it goes .Ah! what not. It's in his genes ,well I think he was born with an 'Y' to love these stuffs.

I too have been fascinated by bikes when they sport a unique look like the below image.I captured them when I went for a boat ride with my family.I should have captured their owners when they landed down with their bikes on the spot.They wore a look of pride holding their bikes! .And like many out there,I often give a glance or two or even more when those bulky kids stand on their legs on the roads or in the showroom.I 'm always awed by their shape and the way they have been designed.I envy the ones riding on Open High Ways like the Kings of their own land.Men must have a particular taste to select their toy ...yup Bikes.

"I call it Feminine looks. They have lot of curves in them and sure Men loves them.Men do have a lot of control over their bikes.They can gear them at their speed, have freedom of choice to turn, rock , roll over and even do gymnastics with them.That's why they love their babes.Some even go to the extent calling them their baby  : cleaning them everyday ,dressing them up creatively and also portray them with different looks"

I questioned my husband why he is attracted to the bikes from the Men's point of view.He told me that he loves their looks and the advantage of "I am the Hero" style it gives them.Who wouldn't agree with him?

Ride your Bike like a Horse 
Drive your Car like a Man  

Riding bikes tame the aggressive behavior of Men yet adds more pride and majestic look like a horse.

In many films, we see the hero's riding skill with their bike riding them at full speed in highways mostly with their friends or with his lover .You can see remarkable stunts during an incredible fight scene too.Some men have the habit of making a screeching sound with their bike mainly to attract female attentions. As for the women they do get attracted to its speed, the rush of cool air on their faces and nearness of her loved one when travelling on a bike.I have had these experiences when I ride with my husband on his bike.Once I even tried my hand on it ..those were the days .Hope I had a lot of stamina then ;)

Of course, the main reason to own a bike is its ease of  accessibility to every place within 500 kms from Home , its portability within a traffic roads and cost effective use for a middle class family.It comes with Helmet, a life saver for rides .The helmet also serves as an umbrella during rainy seasons.

And the BIKE  STUNTS, wow,only these Two wheeler ones can manage to do these tricks .I created a collage of bike stunts from the wallpapers I got hands of in google search engine.

Do you like my collage ??? -Uma
Stunt me with your looks
Hypnotized me as you took
My heart away with you
A beauty you drew
I wanted to touch you
Own you
Could'nt I ?
You are tagged a price
Now, my pocket money in dice
Well, here I come in queue
To own the new You.

If Woman wants to show off ,they have many options to do so .They are entitled to have a lot of accessorIES from make-up set, lipstick,hair clips, purses,bags, jewels, fancy items etc. But for Men, they are left with only few options.And the most important accessory for them is their vehicle.There seems to be an adrenaline rush from the time they are young (like my son) when they see those magnificent creations .No surprise Men are born to love their bikes .

Now, I wonder " Why Boys tend to prefer Blue colour and the girls tend to prefer Pink colour ?". The Shops Disney and more toy shops use this trick in their business .Guess what!! Even in my Home that happens so .....


  1. you weaved the poetry so beautifully with the Bikes :)
    There's something which attracts Men to the's probably a feel of passion and freedom...somehow Riding actually relates with Freedom...especially on open Highways....

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