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Rahul was sitting in his room writing as usual. Throughout his life for about thirty years, he had only one companion to share all his feelings. Engraved memories in sheets of white texture brought him what he could never experience - Peace. He has been doing this for years from the age of twelve to end his seamless thoughts. He had learnt that peace can also exist in thoughtful words.  Now, being thrice that age he had already finished two dairies which he securely stored in a celler behind his bedroom. The one that cuddles in his hand now was the third which will soon go back to its cradle behind the books arranged in the shelve adhered to the wall in the living room. He constructed his positive thoughts through his writer’s sword making a fine line between his dream world and the world in which he lives, atleast physically. He conversed with his dairy friend. This quality of temporarily dumping his feelings made Rahul a better person in managing his own leather company and in handling delicate issues. And today he was writing one such incident…

One of his employees Mr.Gunalan had been accused of stealing money from his company by showing false calculation in the accounts. It came to Rahul’s knowledge and he ordered  Mr.Guna to  visit his cabin for enquiry. Rahul’s confident friend Santosh and two other officials were also present there.

The senior most official, a tall and stern man spoke first.

Rahulji, this is not the first time that Mr.Guna had been accused of theft. This is the second time that we caught him along with the proof” he said and tried to look smart with his findings.

The other official, short and stout supported his arguments adding more fuel to the already burning fire.

Under my opinion Rahulji, Mr.Guna should be immediately fired from our company to protect our company’s reputation. It will also serve as a lesson to the other employees not to mess with the company rules “he said

All the while Rahul was looking through Mr. Guna’s updated profile on his Laptop and studied him in his room at the same time. Mr.Guna had been working for his company for nearly 12 years. There had been no records of previous fraudery expect for the one he had been accused now. He nearly looked his father’s age with few hairs that managed to stick to his bald head here and there .The tight belt on his pant protected his protruding belly from falling down. Somehow, Rahul took pity at him . Mr.Guna face was pale and he had head bent down . Rahul studied Mr. Guna's body language. His pale face, swollen eyes and his bent head told that he was ashamed of his act.

Rahul focused at Mr.Guna’s face and asked with a stern, clear and low voice, "Have you got your eldest daughter married, Mr.Guna ?".

Rahul’s unexpected question hit Mr.Guna hard that he was shaken completely. It even made the rest of others stare a moment at Rahul. After few seconds, Rahul continued, "In case if your elder daughter is married, is she facing any family problems or is it the problem of your youngest daughter ?" he asked him again carefully closing the Laptop on his table.

Mr.Guna could not hold on to his emotions anymore. He bursted out with tears and shuddered as he spoke.

"Rahulji, I never in my life thought to be disloyal to this company. But, this old man's problem was eating my head that I had no choice but to do it . That too, when I was brided for doing it. Most of my savings were spent for my elder daughter‘s marriage and she has no child even after 6 years of marriage. As a result, her in-laws pressured her into getting  divorce for which she refused. Money is what I needed for treating her fertility problems and save her marriage. As a result of my elder daughter problems, my younger daughter marriage got affected too. Again, I needed money to settle her life too. But, where does the money come often for this poor dad?. I had already used all the available options in this company. It was at this time, our rival company found my needs and asked me to make some minor changes in the quotation for which I was offered a fair good amount. I was made to beleive that this minor changes won't bring much loss to our company and so I did it. The loss was very minimal to my relief. But this time, I had been a fool enough to bring a major loss to our company and now I stand before you as a man of infidelity." said Mr.Guna as he stammered  finding the right words to speak

Rahul found the truth in his voice and then carefully choosing his words he said,
"Mr.Guna, as per the rules of being disloyal to this company, I have to fire you since we need no one who prove to be unworthy of trust to be in this company. But having seen your profile, your years of service and having said your honest reasons accepting your fault,  I give you one more chance of proving yourself that you are better than this. And I trust you that you will. Take this as your second chance and if you prove yourself you will be given incentives based on our new rule, bonus money for fathers having two or more daughters nearing marriage life which will be implemented from today. "

All others who were witnessing this scene were really surprised of how Rahul handled the issue in a  thoughtful way except one person.

Rahul’s dad.


Continue to Part 2 - Rahul's Dad 


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Part 2 : Rahul's Dad
Part 3 : Maya
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  1. Too good...The title and the Foot Note are contradictory, and i like that!
    The flow was gripping- and language simple.
    Pls post the sequel to this post -soon.
    Waiting for it..

  2. Anonymous05 July, 2012

    very nice... will definately read the upcoming part of this story...


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