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A new community that is trending the headlines is again to grab the attention of Internet masses.Playing the webs almost every hour of the day these people have not rested their hands still.A small group of bloggers came out with a brainstorm and created an active group in Facebook called IBL creating a new trend in Blogging activity.Bloggers are people from all types of  professional background , different age groups and states yet they are the most socializing community online.They not only help many websites and companies in marketing their brands or help support a valuable cause but they share , care and develop their creativity in the things they love to - their passion they love to hone .In short, they are the voice of their Country

Bloggers are the voice of the Country .

The positive part of the blogging community is that they help hand in hand following the path to growth together .IBL (Indian Blogging League ) is one such active contest that the bloggers have created themselves to interact more energetically and actively , the plus side motivating each other to learn and share making this competition a healthy one. It also paves way to new friendship for like-minded peoples . Never Fear , Bloggers are here

Like the IPL of India , IBL forms Teams representing each city of India namely Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Pune and Ahmedabad having sixteen members (16) in total in each Team having its own Captain.The members have made Face Book as their platform performing live actions and scores making it Viral as possible.Each Team have their own page and Logo's interacting with their own members and exchanging Blogs links .
The Players of the Web

The Battle of Blogs begins : The Teams and their Organizers are working their best to making IBL to be the best active Multiplayer online game  in the world of Blogging.Having two rounds, a semi-final and a final round , the Bloggers are up for a battle ( positive though) .The winners are chosen based on creativity and originality of the content .

Each round has its own genre of topic to write , a common one and unlike the prompt laid out by other blogrolls and groups , this would have a 100 % feedback meaning each bloggers should be ready to face both positive and negative criticism both in their website as well as in Facebook along with your Team's marksheet.

After two rounds, the semi-final round pops in.Here, each selected team have to chose two topics from among the eight given ones and chose to sharpen their creativity based on the topic. The final two will enter the Final Round and write, fight for the cup ( limelight and a badge)

Interesting and Crazy isn't ? No Money , No Hampers or Prizes but a contest for the Love of Writing and Creativity.

And finally, has creative writing became a Sport ??

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  1. Thank you so much for the support Umaji. We look forward to your participation in the tournament. Thanks for encouraging us. :)

  2. Only u shud say this "so called league" is a hit!! Its nonsense and can be easily frauded!! those people who r forming teams are making only their own friends group and chosing themselves as winners! wat a fraud group that indi bloger is.........

  3. @Moin - Hi , I'm not talking about Indiblogger here .I too haven't won anything from Indiblogger contests but I don't want to tag it good or bad either.Like lot of other websites that provides Traffic , Indiblogger too provides us traffic except that they provide contests which depends on our Luck which I had none except disappointments :( .
    But wait, I can hear more contests coming up waiting for my posts :p

    This is IBL- Indian Blogging League that I wrote post about :)
    IBL imitates IPL but unlike Cricket we don't have any Match fixing here.We are just a bunch of Writings/Photographers willing to expand and interact More ...


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