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Marriage is a choice.Either the choice is made by you or it is been made by your parents.The guess is simple ,the former we name it as Love marriage and the latter as Arranged marriage .But still , the surname of both of the choice is same - "Marriage".

The child's of the Marriage with forename Love and Arranged have two characteristics in equal
  • All Marriages are made in heaven - by the way the couples in arranged marriage are blessed with the mantras, homam, tying knots as man and wife with blessing from everyone along with " whats your Raasi ?" playing an important role .On the other hand , the love birds tie the knots either through an emotional war at their home or through the sounds of bell on the temple getting blessings from above .Here, the test for love is immense .For both child of marriage , the bliss lies in Getting Married .
  • No Marriage is Perfect  - you may end up fighting at the end of the day. Either one of you would return to the bed with wet swollen eyes , consoling yourself that you have made the mistake to get married together .Again for both the child of marriage , the burden is make things work out your way.
Love in a Marriage

Love is constant and loves to rock & roll its way hiding now and then making itself appear like the Badshahs of Hindi cinema with a background score .He makes sure he gets noticed either before or after marriage because ,
Love likes playing his own drum 
On Love before marriage , he plays the role of a cupid flirting all the time .He has no time management and he appears whenever he chooses to , even at mid-night or early morning at 3.00p.m. Hush ! Hush!... except for the times you spend at the Toilets. He just freaks out in complete madness .

On Love after marriage , he plays the role of an Observer noting down the points to fall in love with you .He has a personal calender where he sets time for watching you in person and observing you more closely.There is no freaking out as he knows you are always there for him . His love develops slowly weighing the right reasons that would last long . He is just in complete control of you .

Ah! very well, Love is a very cunning man too . He can chose to create you as well as destroy you .Choosing a perfect love is the key to successful marriage which rarely happens.Not all is blessed with true love right before or after marriage. Many of our love in either cases lacks true affection, with their options completely knocked off and settle for a "Life is what we make it" .
Note it down! Love can bloom, grow and be experienced even by a couple on Arranged Marriage right after engagement and before marriage 
So, with all those lullabies, singing around the trees and blowing kisses through the phone , Love is still crucial for all those who marry either through love or arranged .

Love me or Love me not
I still loot ,you are all I have got 
I am the sun shine in your eyes 
hiding under eye lashes in disguise 
I am in control of your emotions
holding the key to mirror potions

Love me or Love me not
I still loot ,you are all I have got
I am soft hearted, I can easily melt
with beauty,affections and sympathy felt 
Just learn the way to seduce me
I am always hanging upside down to be

Love me or Love me not
I still loot ,you are all I have got 
I make you cry , I make you sigh
I capture your thoughts from your eyes
Love , I am the Cupid's playmate
To make me yours, you got see and wait

Marriage in distress:

When a marriage goes wrong somewhere , the couples in love marriage tend to blame each other for their fault and finally come to a conclusion that maybe an arranged marriage would have been a better choice. In the case of couples in arranged marriage , again the couples blame each other including their parents, grand-parents and all those relatives who were the cause of their marriage to happen.At the end of the day,  they get calls and visits from the concerned persons responsible for their marriage to console them .Weighing the positives, the arranged marriage has got some supports from outside personally.And wait, there is no case for mama's boy or papa's girl in a love marriage .This again puts the pans in the physical balance to weigh equal.

And only the ones who is still searching for a soul mate on Bharat Matrimonial  knows how much a Marriage means to them in spite of all the differences that may arise in the choice of getting married.

Conclusion :

This topic is very much debatable and stands unique for every person , their choice of life, preference in their life , their goals , flexibility and expectations they incur from their partner .

The debate continues in the new TV show Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage by Sony Entertainment Television .

THIS POST IS THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST  Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!


  1. wow post ! amazing post Uma ...its alll about balancing love !

  2. Nicely penned,yes,love is all about balance.

  3. well written uma :) do check out my post too!

  4. all the best for the contest..

  5. Nicely written. Arranged marriage is a phenomena associated with our country. Name of the family was a major factor apart from their degree of affluence. Today when people work in far off places, thousands of kilometers away from their roots, the importance of their family is much lower. So it all boils down to how much love, affection, mutual compatibility is between the husband and wife.

  6. Lovely article- balanced & fun!!

  7. lovely post :) have a look at this one too when you get time :) All the best for the contest !!

  8. Good read.. marriage of any kind whether it's love marriage or arranged is actually a matter of destiny. All the best for the contest :)

  9. The jury is still out on this one.

    Nice effort .. Best wishes.


  10. @all I' glad you all liked it and I'm overwhelmed by your response..Thanks all :)

  11. Nicely written.
    Only those unfortunate ones who don't manage to fall in love go in for arranged marriages

  12. @jidhu Thank you!

    @Vikram Karve : LOL..No!!.I have witnessed people whose love bloomed after an arranged marriage and have rocked the 60 th bell and more...And also those who have fallen in love , turned their ways and then go in for an arranged marriage .
    Cupid not only strikes couples in love marriages but also for arranged ones but a little s.l.o.w.e.r

  13. nicely penned down..
    love, when properly balanced results in a perfect marriage..
    all the best for the contest..:)

  14. I liked the balance in both. Nice post :)

  15. Graphic in the end explains it all. :)

  16. You just hit the nail on its head!! And just loved the cartoon - this is actually what happens no? And something similar to what I feel too - after 12 years of marriage, it seems like I am still discovering the true sense of the word. Do visit and let me know what you think.

  17. @AmitVele @ankit
    @confusedsoul Welcome to my opinion ground :)

  18. @anupama
    @sayli Thank you.... Graphics is the one that makes all the writing into one picture and very recently I made it to appear on most of my posts :)

  19. @nirvana - Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments that made my day :)

  20. wow post..loved the cartoon and the poetry
    All the best !


  21. I loved 'playing the drum quote'

    Good luck and God bless,
    here's my entry -

  22. Hmmm... Nice one and Well written.


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