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An artist years of work is been displayed at Milton Keynes Gallery.This is the first solo exhibition of  Artist Hariton Pushwagner which includes his sixty years of paintings and drawing reflecting visions of robotic human life.

That Saturday, along with our routine shopping schedule on the MK city centre, we chose to visit this exhibition that happen to be nearby and was the news of that month with billboards on the city walls and on the MK newspapers.The entrance of MK Gallery was painted mural , a enormous Pop Art inspired mouth by artist Pushwagner that welcomed us .The first step into the Gallery was through its projecting red tongue that resembled like a red carpet and we were been sucked through the mouth to witness his most amazing collections of Human survival .

That's my kids :)
In the reception, I asked permission for taking photographs which they denied for copyright purposes until I sign a paper stating that I dont publish them anywhere including blogs .Though a little disappointed, I enjoyed just looking at the pictures and searched words to describe them as my eyes see them in reality.The one below is a prototype of the actual  image though the actual ones had shining ridges on it.

His graphic novel "Soft City" has been revived with large paintings ,quite contrary to the name with busy life filled with images of mechanical lifestyle , health nurtured with pills , results of wrathful wars and all that unfolds the warnings of the future.

The Norway pop artist whose real name is Terje Brofoss was born on 1940 and made news with drawings that depicted anti-materialism.His solo exhibition includes all the collection of his painting based on his 154 pages graphic "Soft City" and as I witnessed it , I would say it was a work of art that filled every piece with what is life in the materialistic heartless world would be.
Humans , Humans everywhere ...Tall building that touch the sky place space...where we go,no one knows ..our future unfolds into million, trillion of humanoids...
In one room , seven large paintings were exhibited each with it own title and imagination under the name  The Apocalypse Frieze .One was the self-portrait of the artist (1993), with a human head and inside it were countess human figures walking around spirally out of control.The face itself was the structure of countless buildings depicting human materialistic life marching down the vortex to oblivion.

Other paintings include Heptashinok(1986) , Dadadata(1987), Gigaton(1988), Jobkill(1990),Oblidor(1991) and Klaxton (1991). 

Other groupings include "Family of Man" which focuses on Pushwagner’s series of thirty-four silkscreen prints produced in the 1980s on a boxed display and "The Soft city" which shows a family swallowing pills on bed,a large baby face ,  men walking on the pathway to the lifts mechanically and women working around in a mechanical state of life, all in a never changing cycle .A animated screen on the side with a repeated machinery background was sure to send down a chill to whoever understood the fate of human life.

Finally, I came out of the gallery with a bit tensed yet with a satisfied look seeing a wonderful artist  thought provoking work of art .I also learnt that an art can be created with enormous story to tell with such detailed painting of life that it inspired me to create my own art  - humans spiraling on hands (I'm not an artist but someone who is creative and likes to reflect my thought)

The night I drew the morning I woke up thinking what made me drew this...such an effect the art had, invoking the artist in me  :)


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