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Books are the most impressive word for a bibliophile like me. And the most beautiful thing about a book is its ability to transform us into its own world of imagination .Like me, I have nurtured my daughter through reading books which became a habit for her now. She even has her own collection of books brought while shopping as well as from Library at a bargain price. Since she does not have her own book shelf, I have shared the bottom rack of my book shelf with her for her comfortability. She can now select her own books to read and she always prefers it that way. The only problem is that she finds it hard to select her books from the names on the thin spines and in turn has to pull out the books one by one out from the Bookshelf in order to choose the one she likes reading.

Though I admire the fact that my five year old daughter knows the value of reading books sometimes things becomes too clumsy that I had to shout at her asking not to touch books anymore. A friend of mine told me about a Bookcase especially designed to cater for the children needs when she visited my home and saw how badly I need one . As you can see from the below picture even my son aged three has joined my daughter in a reading mission.

Your hand is the place where a Book nurtures itself complete whereas the Cradle for the Book is the Bookshelf to stay at peace.
No sooner than she left, I did my own research to find a product that would fit my kids needs . I searched using the keywords and landed on to the product that seemed cool titled "Tidy Books Children's Wooden Bookcase – Natural". When I first saw the image on the website, I was impressed by its look. As I probed more, I came up with few points that I considered this Book Case is a must have in my home.

  • The shelf looks attractive with attachable alphabets which would make it easy for my daughter to keep track of her books
  • My daughter can choose her own books now just by seeing the front cover without making the floor spread with books.
  • The shelf itself looks spacious allowing room for storing more books .And the website tells it can store of about 85 books of all shapes and sizes
  • The height is 115 cms, sounds reachable for my kids. This height would make my five year old daughter to cater her needs of books with easy access.
  • The edges are smooth and safe which as a mom I always look for.
  • Easy to move round the house with such dimensions and takes up very little floor space
  • The colour looks neutral and so can blend in with any room
  • The major drawback for me is the cost.Other than that, I don’t see any as far as the wood is durable  
What I am optimistic about this Bookcase is that there would be no more books scattered around on the floors. It makes it easy to tidy away all the books at the end of the day. Children also will learn to match the alphabets along with the starting letter of their story books which will teach them key things in organising the books with names. 



  1. That was a superb post:) I can't believe that it is your first ever review! You've covered all the key aspects, while including the perspectives of a mother :)

    And yes, the bookcase looks super-cool! You should get it for your kids, they would be really thrilled!:)

    Keep blogging :):)

  2. Nice review, though i observed some points which i feel you must keep in mind in future. I'll inbox you that. In b/w good work!!

  3. I think you reviewed with all your faculties. Great work and I agree, it is lil high on the price side.

  4. @the fool @saru

    Thank you for dropping by.
    Yeah! I too found the price high although I really liked the product .It looks like I have to wait for a sale offer in reduction in cost :p

  5. @sowmya

    I know how you feel being a bibliophile too.And as the looks goes, it is perfect for a kids room :)

  6. Nice to know you are bibliophile. I have something here for the bibliophiles :-)

  7. Lovely book shelf damn just saw at a friend house w/o the alpha serial...will suggest how useful this small feature can b :)


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