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"Read More" option is a way to customize our blogs creating short summary of our posts so as to enable readers to chose what they want to read just by clicking the read more link. It is similar to  jump break function in Blogger. The advantage of having a "read more" is to make the website into short pool of links,making it easy to select/choose the post as well as making the site look professional.But, for a static page the read more option is something we don't need because as a general rule the static page would contain only one post and is used for the purpose of 'About' and 'Contact' page . A Read More option on the static page just makes things look clumsy and unprofessional.

When you upload a template from a third party provider, the Read More options is just generalized  meaning it appears both in the dynamic as well the static page . So we are going to find a way to edit the HTML in order to remove the read more option from the static page manually.

As a rule, download and save you current template before you embark any changes.Then got to Edit Template and do the following

A picture is worth a thousand words.The explanation now follows with these three steps,
  1. Look at the above image, and as highlighted search for the orange marked "createSummaryAndThumb" in your Edit HTML expanded mode.You can clearly see that the "Read More"option is called for all the pages of your website.Now,what we have to do is to restrain it only for dynamic pages. So we are going to make use of conditional if -then-else for doing it.
  2. Replace the codes in Red box with the codes inside the blue box just below the post-body entry-content along with the <b:else/> .What we doing now is that we check if the page type is static and if so, we  keep the post as such and not calling the "Read more" function .The code inside the blue box tells us that ..
  3. Now, since we have started using a <b:if> start function ,we should have the matching end tag .So,write <b:if/> just above the already present one as shown in the picture.Now ,save your template
Codes in Blue are inserted codes .Codes in Red is the replaced one.

Blue codes in first box (for you to replace)

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>
<div expr:id='&quot;summary&quot; +'>


Refresh your blog to see the "Read More " gone for the static page giving your blog a more professional look.If you liked this brief explanation, do share or give it a G+


  1. i cannot copy the code you have given here. i can see it as only image!!??

    1. Hi Farey, of course it is the image.
      The code you need to copy is given in blue . Hope you can see it :)

  2. Thanks man it really helped.


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