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The window opened the view to her garden , opening up the presence of the large mango tree and the small plants that aligned the wall which her mother took care of. It was showering outside.The flowers and leaves danced to the rhythm of the rain .The cool breeze outside and the fragrance that evolved from the brown golden mud invited the little girl's senses.She recalled the movie yesterday where a beautiful lady was dancing in the rain.And she visualized herself with that scene .She was soaking in the rain's moistness smiling high with wide open arms that drenched in rain.The hair which was free form its usual clutch too enjoyed cool water that was getting in .She was moving round and round like the fan that was hung up on the bed room ceiling of her bed room enjoying the new arrival of the season.

Soon ,the little girl was filled with excitement and tip toed outside the garden without her mom noticing her.She knew that her mom was busy in the kitchen. And her dad was outside .She was excited with drizzling water and slowly stood in the direct rain experiencing wetness .She started to  dance to the rhythm of the rain .
" Little rainy drops,
Plop Plop Plop
Splatters her back,
Tak Tak Tak
Earth she endows,
Chow Chow Chow
To its rhythm I dance,

"So this was the brain storm behind the invention of the shower in her bathroom ," she thought. But this big wide shower was different.No more Mom accompanying her to the bathroom and she was all by herself drenching under this large cold shower .She was enjoying the rain.

"Soak No More, Saniya !. You are done.And I'm not going to handle anymore cough tablets and paracetamol in my home" said her mom standing near the garden door and looking very cross .

Saniya knew what to do next.She ran inside her home and her mother followed her. Along with doses of scolding and advice , her mom was drying her up.

"But why mom. It is a rain and I want to enjoy it like all others in our home do" Saniya started  questioning her .The curiosity of little girls always brain storm the adults minds.

"Who are you talking about?Others in our house excluding us three?" asked her mom worried.

" Yes, Others except us three , " Saniya said clearly."Haven't you taught me that your plants and trees in the garden too have life, grow and feel like us " Saniya said.

"But Saniya, what do you exactly want to say," asked Saniya's mom admiring her daughter's thoughts

"I meant if your plants, flowers and trees can enjoy the rain, why not me?.After all, they feel nice and do you know that all beautiful heroines in the movies just love the rains ," Saniya's little eyes were wide with excitement.

"Hmm...Heroines do but only on the movies. Also, just for a little while.If you soak yourself more than a hour in the water, the case becomes different.Let me show you an example .Come with me," said Saniya's mom and took her daughter to near the window.

"Look Saniya .The plants and the flowers on my pot don't seem to enjoy the rain now. The flowers had fallen down and the mud on the pot were half swept.Even the pot is over pouring.It was raining more than two hours now and the garden is filled with large puddles.It looks like they are all craving for a little sunshine now .Too much water does harm than good." Saniya's mom told her.

The little girl seemed to understand her mom's worries and said, " Yes Mom, you are right.I don't want to fall sick and drain away my energies like the plants do ," she replied. Then, they both hugged .
~  ~  ~

A week later , Saniya returned home from school that evening and saw that sight.Before her, lay a big bucket full of clothes soaked in soap water.A usual sight, of course.But this time she was seeing things differently. She ignored it first and went inside to change her clothes.As usual , she ate her food and went out to join her friends playing outside. After an hour, she came back , did her school stuff and coming to the laundry area, she still saw the same scene.It was already more than four hours now and still the clothes were soaked in the water. 

"Mom ," She called out."Mom, please come here ," She called out again.

"Yes Saniya, whats the matter ? , " came Saniya's mom.

"Mom,look. The clothes are soaking in the water for more than a hour now. This is a problem now " said little Saniya

Saniya mom took a deep breath and answered her "No Saniya. They won't get any problems instead the clothes get more cleaner and brighter "

"Ah!! But you said me that too much of water does more harm than good.Then, it should be the same for the clothes too, isn't it? ,"asked little Saniya looking confused

"Saniya, my little girl. Plants, Flowers and Us , We are all living things.But these clothes are not.So they don't get affected ," replied her mother slowly.

Saniya was not satisfied with her Mom's answer.She went inside and came out with a dress.

"Mom look at this dress.This is my birthday dress you brought me three months ago.But now, its looks a little faded. The rainbow colors on the front too have faded and gone.This dress must be soaked so much that the soap in the water has washed away all the colors. That's the problem" she said .

Her mom was astounded at her little girl answer.There was some truth in her voice.The reasons what she told her daughter from keeping her away from rain made her to relate to many things in real life too. Too much soaking in detergent water and repetitive use causes fading in the clothes. After all, her child was right.
'Children imaginations always run wild ' she remembered reading it somewhere
"Saniya , you are absolutely right but it has to work this way only.Do you have any other solution for this ?" asked her mom not knowing what to say

"Soak No More" a rough voice called out . Both Saniya and her mom looked towards the side the voice came from .Rajesh was standing with a big bag on his hand . He was all smiles.

"Papa" said the little girl and ran to hug her dad.

Rajesh took his daughter in his arm and said cheerfully,
"Know what my little child.Your father has won the first place in a competition and now the proud owner of a year's supply of Surf Excel Matic , a perfect choice for all clothes having the power of vibrating molecules to remove stains effectively. No more soaking , it only needs washing , " he told her. Then, looking at her daughter's hand clutching her favourite dress, he continued," And my Saniya kutti's dresses will never fade again " and kissed her forehead .

Little Saniya looked at her mom and said, " Mom, hope you got a solution now " and winked at her.Her mom winked in return and said," You are a genius Saniya, you always are " and she slightly shook her head in admiration .Soon both Mom and daughter was laughing hard and did a Hi-Five .

Rajesh stood with his eyebrows raised in surprise .


  1. I tell you that this is an awesome plot for a Surf excel ad . The conversation between the mother and the daughter just gives you that feel and this is brilliant and the Appa's late entry adds color to it especially when he mentions about his victory in that contest. This post is will bring you glory Uma :D ...nice post

  2. Brilliant to say the least. You made the point very well, soaking does damage clothes.

    Great narration and a wonderful execution, Do you still need my wishes Uma? :)

    Anyways, All the very best to a deserving post :)

  3. Nice, sweet story. The initial part read like poetry. And I liked how you brought plants in.


  4. @ Solitary writer - thank u thank u.. Everything (ideas) just flowed as I started to type for Glory yes, I'm ready :)

  5. @saru - Humbled by your generous comment.More than enough buddy :D

    @the fool - wow...a lovely comment from the writer king .Thanks :)

  6. HI Uma, my first visit to your blog and what a wonderful post you have come up with. Loved the creativity and Q&A between Mother and daughter..:)

    The comparison between humans getting soaked and plants getting soaked was awesome..:) The questioning part of the daughter was great and I am glad she won it at the end. All the best for the contest..Cheers..:)

  7. Written with nice imagination & their beautiful collaboration.
    Saniya is really very intelligent & a quick learner. Her empathetic attitude made her get the real sense :)

  8. Uma....

    Fascinating and deeply riveting.
    The very first part touched the chord....and this went till the last...:))
    All the best... :))

    PS-- I liked the idea of pasting the Lakme logo on the page. Pinching ur irresistible logo...puh-lease don't mind...:))

  9. a little girls mind beautifully captivated. way to go!

  10. Very very creative ! I was like ' oh yes , the little girl has a point afterall ' . Amazing work . . Hope you win the contest . . All the best :)

  11. Wow ! You have weaved the story so beautifully from a child's perspective! :)

  12. Wonderful story crafted over here. The conversation format makes it more interesting too.

  13. Thank you for the compliments on the story as well as the dialogues :)


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