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So now you have landed here especially after seeing the word "dummies". Well, to put an high tech language into a simpler layman's English is what this post is going to guide you on.

Wikipedia articles are said to be highly reputed as well as genuine source of information.It is the web's own fancy degree attached to your achievements in life .Writing an article in Wikipedia is completely off -chart with the usual HTML codes or web codes. It has its own codes for editing and formatting .It also provides you a Sandbox in which you can interactively learn if you have the patience to read and follow each steps.For those who want a crash course of Wikipedia writing,this post would be useful.
In turn, this tutorial will help you become a Wikipedia Contributor.Our very first step is to create an account in the Wikipedia for the login purposes
This is similar to the blog editing that you do in your sandbox provided by Wikipedia .The Save page is similar to the Publish on the Blog page and Show preview is just as the name says

The above table gives you the basic codes used in editing a Wikipedia files .There are two ways to create your Wikipedia article

1. Using  Article Wizard which guides you through the process of editing and formatting for your Wikipedia articles

2.Using the codes in your sandbox which will be provided for your learning just like a Blog/Wordpress uses its Edit HTML.

Whatever way you are going to use for your Wikipedia article , the basic structure is the same.

Simple and Basic Structure of a Wikipedia Article

The red words are the must use for every wikipedia article.The " * " denotes the citation and the linking is similar to the above code for links.If you need to include an image, you can either upload it in wikipedia or wikipedia commans , but the latter is much preferred one .The codes for them are below

The detailed images would guide you through the entire process of creating a simple Wikipedia article.The final Wikipedia article gets easily approved with reliable resources by the Wikipedia Reviewers and your article is up for the world to see  .


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