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So I am Mom now, not one but for two little bundle of joys. Being Mom is not as easy as you might think and I have noticed people who restrain talking about their kids in their professional places exceptionally the ones titled Technology . 

"A Mom has the right to talk about her kids , her schedule of sleepless nights with her new born and how hard she makes her toddler to eat their daily food ,and so on...and if you fail or ignore her voice,then it means you ignore what  a life of a Mom is "

Some people even frown when we nag about the kids keeping us busy with nappy changes and each day sorting back the spread toys in place.Yet some look with pity with a simple, "Ouch! arr..that's what a mother is for " .What they actually don't know is, today's Mom are not just mom,but Super Mom with their more ingenious and active kids these days . Life at this space is the most influential for both Mom and the kids in mental as well as physical growth.As mom, I have learnt the art of patience ,understanding the body signals at the wink of an eye and even learnt to accept things I believed to be disgusting like wiping the diarrhoea & vomiting on the floors and flu related issues keeping us awake the whole night.

I have wondered how two years flew by just hearing the murmuring noises and staring at the changes of facial expression that a child's face bores. I nursed two kids and along with them, I grew and learned things that had very little effect on my own childhood. All those creative stuff that was hidden in me while spending times with books kept regenerating with new thoughts and looks. There are times when I feel that I had not done enough for my kids as my parents did .I was blessed with much passionate and affectionate parents who had treasured me in their hand. And showering nearly 80% of that affection on my kids , we spend time doing some stuffs together to hone them with this ever changing world. 
Life being a Mother - we craft, we sing ,we dance ...and yes a lots of smiles too

I keep witnessing many incidents with my kids that make me hone my parenting skills.One such incident is "Learning to speak out thinking more than once".Yes, at times when we are so angry seeing the split foods on the just cleaned carpet, you keep shouting at them of how hard you cleaned them ,so and so ...but I have learnt that these little ones are just like "Cottons".They absorb each and every words that I say and reproduce them when they feel strained themselves. Ah! Never ever speak what comes to your mind in front of your kids. They will make sure you will get them back even without them knowing what it exactly means. They just learn the emotional tactics right from you.

One more incident to add is,expect some surprise hugs that's real and passionate at times when you don't except them . Only kids can give you a Love generously . 

Ten kisses at times - no wonder . 
A sudden hug that clasps you tightly - is just the beginning 
A smile that makes your day - at the right time when you need them

after all, being a Mother is one wonderful job in the world that can't be explained with words .To know one, be one .

After all these brief sketch up on my mothering skills, let me come  to the point. Life being a Mother is a blessing not every individual on this planet have. Kids are filled in every piece of life and talking about them is the right of an individual .Though not all,  little stuffs on my motherhood , kids arts and crafts would be kept updating itself on this website 


  1. Love reading tgis post UMA...totally agree with you...I have three sons and two grandchildren...So you are also an engineer (i am an industrial engineer).

    I came by you blog to thank you for joining the giveaway on Kelly Rae's blog for a spot in my e-course "A Creative Journey with Ceramic and Mixed Media". Just wanted to inform that Katie Clemons won the spot but I wanted to let you know I am offering short e-classes in case you want to give a try instead of signing for the complete e-course. Information is in the side bar of my blog and for the complete e-course here:
    It will be awesome if you can join the adventure in clay and mixed media.


  2. That was really nice of you to drop by giving me a free mini e-course Elizabeth :)
    Well,for to satisfy my creative urge,I will be visiting your website to sign up one soon


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