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My fascination with magnets has grown with ages. From checking temperatures with ordinary thermometer to Alphabet and Numbers Fridge Magnets , the magnetic compass with N and S poles to the Photo Magnets on the mirror/ aluminium wardrobe on my room .Whatever,  I love these forces of earth field that amaze me with its unique strength.

The Magnets I handled during my schooling taught me the physics of attraction and repulsion like same poles repel whereas opposite poles ( positive and negative poles ) attract .The same was with a Magical Magnetic Cube that I came across through Paramount but with enough fun.

What is Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle /Neocube ?
Neodymium magic magnetic balls cube puzzle (or) Neocube in short is a set of 216 individual Nickel Premium Quality 5.0 mm Magnetic Balls termed as "high-energy rare-earth” magnets which produces amazing shapes with its power of connectivity .It comes packaged in a simple box but nicely presented with 6×6 cube , couriered very fast . 

Magnetic Cube Puzzle

Personally I underestimated this Magic cube/Neocube.The first thing I noticed about this magnetic cube is that how powerful the magnets are.You can make stuffs just like you mold a clay in your hand except that magnetic Neocube is a lot more tidier ,easy and interesting . It is only up to your imagination what you come up with. But just be careful  if you have kids at home.Handle them with care as its tiny size makes it easy to cheat on kids .Always make sure you store them safe and away from your children .

The results produced by this Neocube are just amazing. It provided me endless hours of entertainment with the crushing ,chaining and creating  stuffs as and when I wanted . It happens to be a great stress relief (since I crush , squash , pull and push them) , so addicting that it makes me to google some tricks and try the same at home .

Basic Shapes formed using Neocube
Magic Cube Puzzle
Basic Shapes
At first , I found it easy to form basic shapes where I learnt the art of folding and grouping the magnet balls. One important thing to note that when we form groups like circles or square, you must make sure that you rotate each twist in opposite direction so that when you split them again to form other shapes , it becomes easy for you else you will end in disaster (see below diagram to understand better)
I formed circles, triangles,squares,cubes, bracelets, chains , pyramid, hexagon and more. With 216 individual balls, tiny and magnetic there is no end to what you make .Here are more pictures of my entertainment.

And the below image is one simple trick on how to come out with a ball shape .If you got one , try and see how it works.If you haven't, get one soon.Price differs with various stores but I found Paramount zone offering a lesser price of £9.99 per cube consisting of 216 balls (silver)

 Magnetic Balls

A Quick Video on how to with Neodymiun Magnetic Cube

PS: The above product was received for the detailed review from Paramountzone , a perfect place for innovative Birthday presents and the reviews presented here are my own opinion including the images /videos. 

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