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Winter has come and darkness surrounds early with its pal , the cold weather. Along with winter comes the rise in use of electricity and candles with only few hours of day light.

One special thing about Winter is the celebration of Christmas with lights and candles adding tiny magical touch to each house under the dark sheltering sky. And normal candles as much with its beauty has its own downside of being messy and risky with children around your house .This is where LED candle comes in with all its awesome advantage with the same cook look of a normal candle

Mine came knocking my door, extremely well-packed with neat look and protected well send especially for me from Paramountzone.I was thrilled to see the three unique really waxy candles along with a thin ,sleek remote. Now , that's a candle with a remote .. so  fun.

Candles are lovely even for a romantic dinner or a relaxing bath in the tub both accompanied with light background music . But , a slight breeze of breath or sparkle of water may turn off your romantic moon with candle light going off. But wait! The technology has improved a lot and it has made sure that you stay relaxed never wanting you let go off the fun.

Candles always give a cozy, warm feeling to any area, and they create an atmosphere of serenity, and these flameless candles with their unique wick resemble a real flame burning candle.

The darkness paint the whole room
You and Me, we are only two 
dissolved in the night's  blue
A candle to our rescue
To admire the love in you

What is a LED means ?
So you are in the generation of LED's .LED is a source of light that uses light-emitting diode to release energy in form of photons.It is due to the fact that the current flows in one direction causing the electrons to combine or recombine with with electron holes within the device causing an effect called Electroluminescence. Even the colour of the light with respect to the energy of the photon is determined by the energy gap of the semiconductor.

So, LED candles also comes in different colors using this technology.What I am reviewing today is the Mooncandles , that comes in Vanilla color with a  remote control .


Mooncandles ,the world's first flameless LED candles uses the same phenomenon to causes the light to glow similar to any ordinary wax candle including the external wax appearance but with the advantage of what LED candle offers . Using Remote Control , the candles are even more realistic . The remote control lets you use the flameless candles sitting on your sofa  to places near and far away on your shelves or even  chandeliers.

Remote Control Buttons
ON/OFF - Switch On and Off all three candles at the same time or any one by choosing it
Timer [4H /  8H] - Timer to set your candles to burn for 4 hrs /8 hrs , automatically switches off when you dose off to sleep
Mode [Candle /Light] - Choosing Candle option has the flickering effect imitating the real traditional candle whereas Light option offers continuous light
Mode [Dim/Bright] - Does as the name says Dim and Bright on choosing the right option

Your Daylight beautifies among the Golden sight

Let your Night surround the Golden Light

Advantage of LED Candles
  • Having this Candle was welcoming in my home.I loved the ambiance it created and you must have agreed to what I mean by seeing few images I shot in my home .
  • Flameless, no messy wax that drip on your Table and no more knock over that causes harms
  • The technology behind the LED offers long service life of light with high energy sufficiency and a great companion for winter time that nearing fast
  • I love the remote control which offers me more control with its interesting options like Timer and Flickering effect.
  • They are so easy to use, convenient and safe option for my home esp .with kids or pets around
  • Perfect for festive seasons , Christmas decoration and even suits well for chandeliers 
  • With its new features and interesting options, I really find it hard to complain about it .And if you still keep on asking me one , is that it can't offer you much light to display in the centre of your room as a normal traditional candle does along with its dancing flame ( staring at it is a sort of  time pass for people like me ) but again when this candle is placed in a classy frosted votive candle holder, no one can tell the difference between the real and LED candles .
  • A bit expensive than the ordinary traditional wax candles .
But, with its feasibility , usability and safety , again LED candle rules .

So whats next?
Winter or Christmas , Birthday party or Romantic dance , Night chat or Home alone , whatever you do,  I would definitely recommend one to buy. I got one from Paramount with much lesser price than what you see on the market.
These LED Candles are a prefect Christmas Gifts for anyone :) 

Paramountzone price : £12.99 for 3 unique candles with remote.You need 2 AAA batteries for each candles.The remote comes in with battery . 

Relax yourself by viewing this Review 

Disclosure : I received the above complimentary product for the purpose of a written review.  All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Whether agreed or not , I only recommend products I personally use and feel that would be good for my readers. I follow FTC rules and regulations. 


  1. Nice thing to have... Thanks for sharing....

  2. Sounds good...where do we get one in gurgaon, mumbai or kolkata? Pl suggest.

  3. @debopam - Thank you !

    @numerounity - Thank you :). These are available in the above links as suggested but in the places you have mentioned I dont think I know any. Might be a google search would help .

  4. it is available here in market


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