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Festivals are a part of celebrating life with sweet surprises . And being in India , a rich cultural country I have every reason to celebrate almost many times a year .Weddings, Parties, Festivals and Get-together are all in the season to make myself look at my best with rich attire that goes well with my looks as well as with my tastes .

Days of roaming in and around the streets to shop for things essential for the festive season have become reduced.Thanks to the Online Shopping Malls that saves my time , money as well my smile especially during the rough weather of summer sun that dehydrates my energy in seconds and out-pouring rains that fail to drain away soon.

Now having said about Online shopping, I have now been offered a chance to select my favorite apparel and the accessories that goes with it from Shoppers Stop on a virtual way. I spend all my likings and my tastes to ensemble the festive look for the season and dressed my Blog with my chosen attire.And my selection of look of how I wanted to be special has been depicted in brief below.


Haute Curry Churidar-Kurta-Dupatta Set - 3999
Pretty Women Pendant Set -  1995
Hidesign - Handbag -  2965
Casio Ladies Watches - Sheen Collection -  7295
Haute Curry - Ladies Footwear -  1399
TOTAL :  17653

I picked up the above Chudi sets that is quite a statement during festive seasons.The colour combination of pink and green goes well with my tastes .The round neck with mirror embroidery , the netted fabric slightly showing  the inner gold designs of the Chudi and the full green sleeves gives a overall look of grandeur.Green Netted Duttapa goes hand in hand with the other netted pink.The use of both the colours differentiating each other uniquely gives this Chudi my pick .

I like accessories that can go well with this Chudi basically with its colours.So my choice was the Pink and Green Pendant set along with earrings with same colour choice.The Hide design bag adds a royal touch with its red ranchero leather and classic look.The full coloured watch model chosen is the one that I have currently fallen in love with and it goes well with my above Chudi selection.And finally, the shoe with beaded look are comfy , walkable and moreover stylish for this festive season.  

Ashika Shimmer Embroidered Saree - ₹ 14535
Asmi 18KT Gold Pendant with 0.14 carat diamonds-  20900
Asmi 18KTY Gold Earring with 0.12 carat diamonds -  25550
Sparkles Nose Pin NP2432 - 11610
Nakshatra 18KT Gold Ring with 0.13cts diamonds- 34600
Skagen - Womens Watch - 384XSGSG - 11495
Baggit - Roxy Net Brown Bag - 1775
Lemon Pepper - Ladies Footwear- 1299
Total : 121764

Wedding is one season wherein we shell out a lot of money for looking at our best .The attire and its accessories will be noted , complimented and even criticized  by many people.So it is worth to spend much more to get the best look .For our south Indian tradition , the accessories that accompany sometimes be double of what I have chosen here.And it varies for different traditions from south to north in India. What I have chosen is a classic look that would fit the trends, be notable and can be worn for any festive occasions .

Sarees are always special and close to my heart .They have the capability to make any woman look good with its fleets and designs . The look of the Sari gets contagious and pass its grandness to the wearer no matter with or without accessories.With accessories, the woman would make any men look twice at her and the other women drooling at her possessions. And no wonder Women including myself always prefer Sari for most of the festive occasions .My choice is double colored green and red sari with lots of embroidery, stones and beads work .

As all festive occasions, a Mida's touch of Gold adds a royal look.My selection was Amsi 18Kt Gold and 0.14 carat diamond Pendant and Earring . The nose pin  adds more beauty to the face and is in perfect trend with modern society. The Ring on the other hand , is quite unique for a Reception and Wedding day .The Watch that I selected is alternative silver-gold strap with silver dial that compliments the Gold Jewellery with studded diamonds .  These Gold items though very expensive will come for many festive occasions for years to come.The Gold values have increased double times lately and would be increasing so in future. So , buying Gold ornaments is a kind of investment with enjoyment that adds value to your important celebrations.

The Baggit brown bag  is stylish in look and would comply well with the attire and its accessories . And the shoes , as I always select will have some similar color tones with the sari .Overall, I love this outfit and it is something I would definitely wear for a festive look. On a note, my perfect festive choice .So, what about your choice of festive look ?

My sneak-peek for a Casual and Stylish Outlook

The above image is my ensembling of products that would make for a stylish look .Cheers!


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  2. Nice collection.But it is costly for a middle class people.Any way nice collection .I like it.

  3. @halwits - Yes, they are gorgeous :)

    @Sammy - I agree that they are expensive for middle class people.But, we are talking about Festive occasions where the expenditure is expected to be high than normal.Here, these collections can be used for such occasions :)

  4. I loved the saree and the Hidesign handbag.
    Please take a look at my entry too: :)

  5. The jewellery looks wonderful! All the best for the contest!

  6. loved the chudidar one a lot ! THe ensemble looks tempting .

  7. Good collection....especially the watches are awesome

  8. You have put up a great selection. Best of luck for the contest!!

  9. beautiful collection.... All the best for the contest...

  10. Nice picks, Uma. All the best~

  11. Hey.. all three put up nicely..all the best.

  12. Glad I tempted you all with my selection and thanks for commenting :)


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