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Driving past my old school or when I see girls with white shirts and blue skirts driving past me, my school memories starts to haunt me. My school days are the best days and anyone would agree to the fact when innocence had a larger role to play at those days. What other works do we have other than doing home works and playing with friends. I can write a lot about my school days , each phase of my years carefully moulding me to the person I am today. But since I had to write about the role of braids on my childhood days, I am just going to concentrate on that part today in this post.

Braids are in three
Holds the hair the way it should be
Braids are cool
A must in my school
Braids are neat
Looks more tidy to greet
Braids are friendly
When handled with perfection makes one envy
Braids are fun
When experimented with options and done
Braids are suitable
To make any kind of hair look beautiful

As I recall it was ten years of my life that I sported myself with a braided look. Not one but two by folding my long braided hair into two on either side of my head. My mom always had the duty to oil and comb my hair every morning for about ten minutes for that braid to look in place. I was such a lazy girl to comb my hair even when I was old enough to enter my college and I shamelessly confess that I was really addicted to my mom's hair care to make me look neat and tidy. I used only one hair accessory and it was none other than two blue ribbons which is still the favourite part of my school pupil's hair even today. Tying and braiding the hairs neatly kept us cool and it protected us from sweating in school. Long hairs was a great part in my childhood days and we even had a sort of comparison of who had the longest hair amongst friends.

The first time I learnt to braid my own hair was a great achievement for me. I had many trails to make a perfectly braided hair. And I found braiding in front of mirror was the best solution to have that perfectly formed braids on my head. The comb and ribbons became the important assets in my drawer. Those where the days of how small things was a great step in learning new things.  And I was so proud to tell my hair achievement to my family and friends.

How did I braid my hair? Writing a whole post on braid, it should be much better if I just tell a line of how to braid . Braiding is dividing the whole hair into three sections and carefully taking one section each on the either side making the other section to come into middle.Swapping all the three sections to take turns to be in middle and tying up is what braiding is all about.

School Photo - There you are ! You can never miss a single braid on every students face on my school photos except when very few counted ones sport a boyish look. But as for me, every single photo had blue ribbon braided look. And with a large cheesy smile :)

Blue Ribbons - It had an important part to play with my braided hair. My mom used to braid my hair carefully from top to bottom and with the blue ribbons joining in at the bottom to finally tie up my hair together to hold the whole braid in place. Today, I have no ribbons on me expect different hair clips.
This was how I looked with blue ribbon and double sided braided hairs on my head
(Photo from hindu)
Any freaky stories behind my hair - No. Studying in a girl's convent there are no stories of boys pulling my hair. I also don't remember fighting with my siblings with hair as a major target. But, I did have few problems on my hair .One was lice and the other was split ends. To put an end to lice , I remember using Lice Medicare , a miracle cure it offered at those days . For split ends, I had the help of scissors. But in today's scenario, many companies have improvised to provide solutions to split ends like Dove's Dove Split End Rescue System and using it has given me beautiful ends to my beautiful hair once again.

After my school, the double sided braid transformed into a single braid on my back as I entered college. And instead of ribbons, modern hair clips and rubber bands took its place. Braided hair was a part of my childhood life and I finally waved goodbye for a ponytail look (though not fully) when I finished my college and entered a new phase of my life - Marriage .

Marriage Braid
The best part of Braiding took place on my Marriage occasion. How could I not tell about it while writing about braiding. My braids were the most beautiful with all those flower decorations and pearl pin -ups. I spent almost two hours for making the braids with full decorations and it gave a wholesome feeling of being a woman.

But braiding was always there on all important occasions in my life and I love it.

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  1. Nice read. You make walk down my memory lanes. Can never forget my school days.

  2. @Arumugam Yes! Those were the days that life was carefree.How I wanted to have an forward button in my life!

  3. Ah! School days and memories!
    Well written


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