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Along with the growth of fashion industry , more environmentally products are researched, produced and reach the market. For many reasons, people have found bamboo fabric gaining popularity over cotton fabric. And conventional fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Kate O’Connor and Oscar de la Renta have agreed to the fact that Bamboo fabric are the latest and hottest sustainable eco-fabric in the industry. 

Like pointed above beneficial innovations are my new attractions and when given a chance to try one such product , I was more glad to accept the offer. Zubu Baby is a wonderful creation by a Mom for Moms. Designed specifically to suit babies soft delicate skin, Zubu products uses more sustainable material like Bamboo and organic cotton . 
bamboo clothing

The gift box that I received was just the right size for a gift set with neatly designed Zubu baby logo, a panda bear depicting that the Moso Bamboo fibre was Panda friendly. Inside the box was the carefully packed Blue Romper and Hat set with tiny polar design. There was a very minute fragrance that arise from the cloth and it reminded me of the scent of milk. True to is words, I found both Romper and the hat delicate and soft.
bamboo clothing

Having learnt the benefits of Bamboo clothing otherwise known as Green fibre, I was more in love this product. Bamboo has been acknowledged as extremely resilient and durable as a fibre and compared to cotton and polyester, Bamboo is found to have a high breaking tenacity and better moisture absorption. 

Benefits of using Bamboo Clothes 
  • Bamboo is said to possess a natural anti-bacterial component called ‘bamboo-kun’ which prevents bacteria from cultivating on the fibre and also helps bamboo resist harbouring odours. Also it allow bamboo clothing to be more hygienic and the freshness of the fabric do not diminish with the number of washings the fabric undergoes .And babies wearing the stay safe from likelihood of allergies . 
  • Bamboo fibres naturally absorbs water of about three times its own weight with its tiny gaps and holes thereby providing better air ventilation and can be worn all around the year. 
  • Bamboo fibres are so natural ,light and soft than other traditional fabrics that it suits all types of skin especially for babies allergic to heavy fabrics or with skin conditions such as eczema . 
And what more natural cloth a Mom needs. Zubu baby precisely suits all Babies and Moms who love to stay soft, fresh and warm all through the year.

Disclosure : I received the above complimentary product for the purpose of a written review.  All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Whether agreed or not , I only recommend products I personally use and feel that would be good for my readers. I follow FTC rules and regulations. 


  1. Love the color 2x was small at top this one big some alterations will be needed be done but love it. Simply perfect, that was my expression for this dress upon trying it.


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